Why GDPR has given Direct Mail a new lease of life!

There’s no questioning that the new GDPR legislation is going to affect our email marketing efforts, especially going forwards. The goal is to be completely GDPR compliant, but how do we carry on reaching out to prospects and new clients when it feels that our hands are tied? Well, this is where Direct Mail has been given a lease of new life! The ICO website outlines that: “You won’t need consent for postal marketing…you can rely on legitimate interests for marketing activities if you can show how you use people’s data is proportionate, has a minimal privacy impact, and people would not be surprised or likely to object.” This basically means that direct mailings do not require companies to g

Are you spending too much on your Stationery supplies?

When it comes to kitting out your office, you need to ensure your staff is equipped with all the right tools and essentially provide everything they need to effectively complete their work. Spending is a must, but is your budget for your pens and pencils causing you to question your supplier? Much like a print audit, a companies stationery expenditure can also be reviewed and challenged with a much more desirable, competitive counter offer. Office supplier prices can vary quite considerably so it’s really important that you take a moment and ask yourself whether there are cost savings to be made. A good stationery audit is almost a guaranteed cost saving. They usually start by reviewing aspe

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