Material Matters And Looks Are Everything

Your valuable printed collateral is more than fancy words and ink, it’s also about the material you’re printing on. The material you choose is key to the overall look and feel of the project - it's very important! You don’t want to run in to problems with dull colours, flimsy material and smudging for instance - you want something that is fit for the purpose, durable and looks as amazing as your product or service. Matt, Satin or Gloss? Firstly, the type of material you need to consider is important for a couple of reasons: 1. The aesthetic appearance 2. The functionality You’ll be aware of the different finishes, especially if you’ve decorated your house recently as the finishes of paper ar

Why Print Is Very Much Alive And How The Content Makes All The Difference!

There is still a massive need for print especially if you have a business that is content driven, and you want to let your prospects know what you do. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be talking about some of the steps and processes you’ll need to consider when creating a print publication that’ll get your prospects to take action. Each step will provide you with insightful information on how to make the RIGHT choices when it comes to making your print stand out and your message resonate. Content is still King Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at written content and copy within your printed media. Written content has changed over the years that’s for sure, living in the dig

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