Here’s how to save hundreds of pounds on your office stationery bill!

Every business needs stationery but how do you stop using more than you need?

It’s become an increasing concern for many businesses that they are going through their stationery supplies at an alarmingly quick rate.

Stationery, in most offices around the country gets wasted, misused, pilfered or even becomes obsolete every single day!

I guess because your staff aren’t paying for it, it’s assume that there's an unlimited abundance for them to use...and a few small items don’t really cost that much, and nobody notices!

Well, it’s time to do something about it. Just because the money’s not coming out of their pockets, it doesn't mean that it's their personal supply of office supplies and no matter how insignificant they think it is, an annual bill for stationery adds up to quite a lot.

So, what can you do to reduce your usage and spend on office supplies?

Put someone in charge!

The reality of it is, if you make it someone’s job to keep things under control, it will improve the issue drastically.

A good way to control the use of stationery supplies is to give only a limited amount of people access the supply cupboard.

I know locking it away may seem a bit of a drastic measure, but this way you are eliminating any careless use of your supplies!

If you have several teams, simply appointing each line manager or team leader to take charge of their own teams supplies usage is a good way of keeping things closely monitored.

Ration supplies

Limiting the access will help you monitor exactly what is needed for your office to function comfortably.

Restocking the stationery cupboard monthly and replenishing it according to what’s needed to the amounts that is required will effortlessly help reduce waste - as less will be available!

If you have a larger office, a budget allowance for each team/sector can be given that has to be adhered to and this way if they run out it will force them to look through what they already have and use everything up fully before reordering.

Raise awareness

Predominately, the issue may just lie on your staff not being aware of the issue and that it’s an issue at all.

Raising awareness and highlighting this as a real issue, will ensure everyone’s mindful when they use things. You have to remember it does amount to a considerable loss that is easily avoidable!

Think of cost saving processes!

Putting in simple procedures and educating everyone that works for your company will instantly start improving your wastage. Introducing something like printing documents double sided will contribute towards making your office a less wasteful environment at an instant!

Going paperless is a good way of reducing stationery as a lot of things will be done electronically and therefore further reducing the need to write things down on post-its, or even stapling things together or the use of paperclips.

Check for Pilferage!

Accidentally taking stationery home from work, things such as pens is a thing that happens everyday.

It happens unintentionally, so it is hard to stop as we aren’t aware we’re doing it. Encouraging things like clearing desks and organising stationery into its designated places will drastically reduce this happening as it will be clear when things aren't in their place!

Start with a stationery amnesty

The best way to start a stationery revolution is to have a stationery amnesty! Seriously, it works every time! Spend an hour getting everybody in the office to empty their drawers and cupboards of all the stationery. Let them keep what they absolutely need to do their job and return everything else to a central stationery cupboard.

You probably won’t need to order for another month with what you’ll retrieve.

Ask your supplier for a contract list

When you’ve got a bit more control you will start to see the usage patterns of your core products. These are the products that you need every day to run your office, products you need on a regular basis. Therefore, you should be able to negotiate good prices on these products as they are a regular order.

So, speak with your supplier, agree your core list and see what you can do.

If you’d like any more information on how to reduce waste and pilferage or would like us to quote your core list of office supplies,don’t hesitate in contacting us directly on 0121 430 9026!

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