Are you spending too much on your Stationery supplies?

When it comes to kitting out your office, you need to ensure your staff is equipped with all the right tools and essentially provide everything they need to effectively complete their work.

Spending is a must, but is your budget for your pens and pencils causing you to question your supplier?

Much like a print audit, a companies stationery expenditure can also be reviewed and challenged with a much more desirable, competitive counter offer.

Office supplier prices can vary quite considerably so it’s really important that you take a moment and ask yourself whether there are cost savings to be made.

A good stationery audit is almost a guaranteed cost saving. They usually start by reviewing aspects such as your current budget, what items you purchase and from where, and look at your overall usage.

Essentially, your purchasing pattern will be audited and a more profitable proposal will be outlined for your company that you just won’t be able to turn down!

The key is to streamline all your purchasing and consolidate it to one single supplier. This way, you’ll eliminate any hidden costs or fees that will dramatically reduce your initial spending – even before any other factors are reviewed.

And not to mention, the on-going support that a stationery audit company can offer going forward. They’ll give you all the insights to your spending and analyse how to best control your budget. This will alleviate any stress going forward, and ensure that you won’t fall back into overspending on your stationery again!

Most of all, once you know exactly what you use, your supplier will keep a stock of it for you and replenish your supplies as and when you need them. (And the delivery is always next day and completely free of charge!) This will mean you can say goodbye to managing your stock levels and wasting time liaising with suppliers.

That’ll all be taken care of for you – giving you time to put back into your business where your skills are best at use. It really is a shock that many businesses have yet to consider the possibilities that conducting a thorough audit on their stationery could mean for them.

And we can’t find a reason why you shouldn’t review your office stationery today. There will always be cost savings to be made with an audit, and if you’ve never had one or not recently then you should book one and start saving on costs immediately!

You won’t have to go out of your way to make it happen, and they’re usually absolutely free.

Don’t wait one more day – review your current spend, uncover cost savings, streamline purchasing and consolidate your processes.

You won’t ever look back!

For more information on Stationery Audis and how they can save you money, please give us a call on 0121 430 9000.

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