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How are you preparing for the Return to Work?

Have you started planning and preparing for your return to work? We can work with you to provide a variety of vital supplies and equipment, from PPE through to office stationery.

With plans now being discussed as to how and when the nation will potentially be returning back to work following the Covid19 lockdown, now is the time to begin looking at your workplace.

Review your existing set up and consider what you are going to need to integrate and implement to maintain the highest levels of health and safety for both your staff and clients.


It is vital that you have access to quality PPE in the quantities that you require, so you can safely welcome your team back to the workplace and provide them with a clean and hygienic working environment, where they feel safe and protected.

We currently have large quantities of PPE and are able to supply a variety of products including hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks, which you can provide to staff to help reduce the spread of infection and take the best possible safety precautions.

Health and Safety Signage

Posters and signage will also be invaluable in helping you to inform and instruct visitors and employees of any procedures you would like them to follow, such as social distancing and regular hand washing.

We can work with you to create this signage, tailored to tie in with your branding and include any messaging you require.

Reconfiguring your offices

One key change your business may need to make in order to safely welcome staff back to the workplace is the configuration of your offices.

For example, you may need to consider moving your existing layout around or even look at how you can turn other spaces into additional work spaces for your staff, to help you implement social distancing within your premises.

We can provide a variety of office supplies and equipment to help support the reconfiguration of your offices, from office desks and chairs, through to printers and traditional office stationery, helping to ensure your staff will have everything they need.

Shift to Remote Working

For many businesses we understand that welcoming all your staff back to the workplace at once won’t be feasible due to your set up.

You may require some of your staff to continue working from home more permanently, or split their time between home and the office.

Or the pandemic may have even helped your business realise the benefits of remote working and you want to look at integrating it into how you operate in the future.

No matter the circumstances, we know that remote working is going to continue playing a crucial role even after businesses are able to return back to work. It is important you are preparing to continue supporting your home workers.

We can work with you to ensure your staff are supplied with all of the appropriate equipment, providing everything they need to create an office setup in their own homes.

If you would like to discuss any of your requirements for preparing your workplace for a safe return to work, get in touch with us.

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