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Frequently Asked Questions

If there's something you'd like to know more about, you may find the answer here. These are all the questions we get asked the most.

How do I know which finish will be best for me?
There are lots of different ways to fix together your printed materials, such as stitching, stapling, gluing or binding, and at LG Davis we have the capacity and capability to offer all types of finish. Ultimately it comes down to what will be best for your individual product, and we always work with customers to ensure they have the best finish to meet their requirements. 

What is the difference between matt, gloss, silk and satin coatings, and which one should I choose?
This basically means how shiny do you want your printed materials. It could be what will work best for your product, or what your personal preference is, and at LG Davis we work closely with our clients to discuss their needs at the start of every project to ensure the final result is just right.

What is the difference between spot colour and full colour printing?
Spot colour is an individual colour, such as a Pantone. If you want to ensure the colour prints in the same way every time then you can choose a Pantone and that individual colour will be printed. The full colour process uses four colours known as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key – which is actually black). These four colours are mixed together to create the full spectrum of colour. But because mixing is involved, it’s harder to get exactly the same colour match every time. It’s not as accurate as spot colour printing.

Do you offer special effect printing such as gloss lamination, UV varnish, metallic printing or embossing?
Yes we do, we offer a full range of special effect printing. You can either discuss an exact requirement with us, or we can explore different options with you and advise what might be best.

What thickness of paper should I use?
The thickness of paper completely depends on what you want to achieve. Letterheads tend to be 80-120gsm, business cards are often 350-400gsm, and brochures will most likely have a heavier cover and lighter paper inside. But we can work with you to decide what is best when you speak to us about your project. We can even send samples to you so you can know exactly what the paper will be like before you make that final decision.


What is bleed?
Bleed is a term that we use in printing to describe when printing goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming. It allows for any movement of the paper and design inconsistencies, ensuring that this won’t affect the final quality of the product and that there are no unprinted edges.

Will the printed colour match the colours on my monitor?
The colours on final printed products don’t usually match what you see on screen. This is because of the difference between radiated and reflected light. However, we always provide a colour proof of your artwork so you can see what the colour will actually look like, and this also allows you to make any tweaks before we print everything. 

What printing press do you currently use?
We can help customers with any requirement. We offer traditional lithographic printing through to faster digital printing, from single colour through to full colour jobs. The only thing that matters is what you want to achieve. We have the capability to do the rest.

What is the largest print area you can print?
We enjoy working with customers on a range of different jobs, and there hasn’t been a job yet that we haven’t been able to complete. So no matter how large or small the project is, please come and talk to us and we’ll find a way to do it.

How is it best to supply my artwork to you and what are the guidelines?

We accept artwork in any format. Our favourite way to get artwork is in a PDF with all images at 300 DPI. But as we have in-house graphic designers, we are able to accept artwork in whatever format you have it, as we can prepare it for print in our studio.

If I don’t have artwork, can you help me?
Absolutely. Our in-house graphic designers can do all the artwork for you, from concept to completion. We can visit your office or you can visit us to discuss your requirements, and we’ll work closely with you to produce the right artwork and then get it printed to achieve the best result for you.

Can I request samples from you to get ideas for different products? 
Yes, we have plenty of samples that we are very happy to send out to clients. Just let us know what you want and we’ll get it out to you.

How much notice do you need on a job?
This really depends on what your requirement is. Complex jobs or large print runs will always take a bit longer, but if you need something turned around quickly, please come and have a chat with us. As we have a vast range of in-house capabilities, we are able to work on projects quite quickly.

Are there limits on how I can brand up different items?
For each item there will be a limited space where we are able to print your brand and details. Please either take a look at the items in our catalogue for more information, or don’t hesitate to contact one of the team. Each item will be different.

What if the item I want isn’t in your catalogue?
We are able to source more products than we feature in our catalogue. If there’s something specific you’re looking for but can’t find, or you’d just like to discuss different ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team.

Can you take away our old furniture when you deliver our new furniture?
Yes, we can take away your old furniture at no extra cost to you. Please just let us know when you order your new furniture that you’d like this service.

What is the minimum order quantity for workwear items?
There is no minimum order. You can order one item from us and have it branded in the way you want.

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