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What Makes Us Different

Innovating the industry

LG Davis gives you extra to make your business stand out. Why just have every day solutions when you can have so much more?



Our team of creative designers asks the right questions to find out what you really need. We listen to your issues and provide innovative solutions which really stand out.


Our job is coming up with designs which push boundaries and help you make the right impression with your clients.


From bespoke cut out designs to single print runs, specialist finishes and one-off solutions if you have the project we have the ideas.


Problem solvers

Every great project starts with that initial idea. We help make the what ifs and if onlys happen.

Where others might say it isn’t possible we look for answers and find a way.



LG Davis has been serving UK businesses from its base in Birmingham since 1962.

Our location may have changed over the years as the business has grown but our passion for delivering the best service to every customer hasn’t.

Our biggest asset will always be our team who go above and beyond to bring that personal service to every job no matter how big or small.

No customer is a number and you can guarantee a friendly, honest answer every time.



Our team of experts have a varied background which means that we are able to pull together all that expertise to bring you the perfect mix of skills and knowledge.

With extensive contacts across the industry we can source any product or resource so if you can’t see what you are looking for let us know and we will bring your project to life.

LG Davis so much more than just print

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