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Request Your Free Audit

When was the last time you reviewed how the little things are ordered?


Of all the business decisions that are made every day, items for the office stationery list or how many new brochures to print are probably not your highest priority. However, bumping them up the priority list every now and then could actually save your business a lot of money.


Print and stationery costs can soon spiral out of control and potentially leave you creating unnecessary waste in the business.


To help businesses quickly and effectively get insight into where time and cost savings could be made, LG Davis offers free print and stationery audits. Request your audit by completing our form, and let's get started.

















What’s involved?

Our audits evaluate what you are currently spending across all your print and stationery supplies and then assess how you could make changes to improve your purchases.


Saving money isn’t always about finding a cheaper supplier. We look at whether you are getting the best value and whether there is a better way of doing things.


Here’s how it works:


  1. Meeting - When you request your free audit, one of our team will book in a slot with you at your convenience. They will sit down with you and ask you a series of questions to evaluate what you’re currently doing so we can make the right recommendations.

  2. Print - If you request a print audit, we will review your printing choices, including paper, size and finishes. Print technology changes rapidly so we will be able to share with you the latest techniques and processes.

  3. Quantities - We’ll discuss what you are ordering compared to what you are using. Do you have lots of items left over or continually run out of others? Are your requirements still the same? It might seem obvious, but if you’ve never taken the time to stop and review these things, they can soon stop being effective.

  4. Process – After we’ve established your requirements, we can look at how to make the whole ordering process easier. Whether that’s combining invoices in to one convenient monthly bill or changing how often your order, there are a variety of ways to make things simpler for you.

  5. Your Choice - Once we have a clear picture of your spending and requirements, we will then present to you our findings and recommendations, allowing you to make an informed decision on how you’d like to move forward. It’s completely up to you how you move forward. You could utilise all of our recommendations, some of them, or none at all. It’s about what’s right for your business



What are the benefits?

Customers who have already completed an audit with us have not only saved money, but they’ve also been able to simplify their ordering to cut down time spent on admin tasks, all while streamlining their print and office purchases. Benefits that customers have found include:

  • Eliminated unwanted spending - Often print and stationery supplies are purchased from multiple sources across different departments, making it very difficult to get a full picture without carrying out a quick evaluation. When you have the full picture, it can be very easy to pinpoint where the problems are, and costs can often be reduced.

  • Reduced waste – Regular repeat orders can mean you’re receiving deliveries you don’t need. Businesses are also continually evolving, so what you used to order may not be totally necessary anymore, and finding this out can reduce waste.

  • Streamlined ordering – Find one supplier and one delivery that can meet all your needs to reduce paperwork, time and costs.

  • Improved productivity - Nobody wants to spend hours chasing orders and paying invoices. Our audits can identify inconsistencies across a business and offer suggestions on how to streamline your processes to improve productivity.

  • Honed printing requirements – With print techniques always evolving, are there now better ways for you to print your items, giving you what you need more efficiently? An audit will find out.


An audit does not need to be time consuming, and it can make sure that your business is running as smoothly as possible. Left unchecked stationery and print can easily go off track. Booking in time with us to run your audit for you could make a huge difference to your business operations.



Why do we offer free audits?

LG Davis has been carrying out audits for customers for over 60 years. That means we have an experienced team that knows what it’s looking for. We pride ourselves on innovative ideas to offer the best value to customers, and this is just another way that we provide our customers with best in class service.


Book in your audit review using the form above, or contact our team for more information.





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