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Pens to Printers – The Importance of Office Supplies

Whatever type of business you are, office supplies are essential.

Whether you’re a one-man band operating from a home office, or a multi-site operation with hundreds of employees, you will need office supplies. Ranging from pens to printers, from notebooks to furniture, LGD Solutions has everything an office may


What’s more, we understand the importance of these products.

A complete range of office supplies

At LGD Solutions, we pride ourselves on the wide range of office supplies that we offer:

  • Stationery – files, writing supplies, desktop accessories, adhesives and tapes, legal and personnel

  • Paper products – books and pads, paper, envelopes, labels

  • Computing – hardware, accessories, media supplies, software

  • Office machines – calculators, fax machines, intercom equipment and more

  • Print consumables – cartridges, toners, ribbons and more

  • Office – furniture plus everything to make the office environment enjoyable

  • Facilities – safety and security, mail room and warehouse, catering, janitorial

  • Planning and presentation – personal planning, office planning, presentation equipment, presentation supplies, boards

The importance of office supplies

A business would be very hard to run without office supplies – in fact, impossible. That is why it is hugely important to choose your supplies, and even more so your supplier, very carefully.

Low quality, unreliable office supplies will have a negative impact on your business. Something as simple as pens that work can make a working day so much easier.

There is nothing worse than trying to make notes with a pen that constantly stops and starts. Then there are the bigger items, such as printers. Arriving at a presentation without key handouts makes your business look unprofessional and lowers credibility.

The importance of a reliable supply system

Once you’ve found the products that work for your business needs, you then need to create a reliable supply system. Without this, you risk running out of valuable office supplies.

For this, you need to appoint a member of staff to keep control of supply stocks and inventories. There is no point in having a million staples in the store cupboard but running out of printer ink.

By choosing LGD Solutions as your supplier, we will liaise with your business to ensure orders are completed and delivered exactly where and when you need them. What’s more, we even have storage systems, which means you can still get the benefit of buying in bulk even when you don’t have room to store it. We will keep it in our secure storage and post it out to you in line with an agreed schedule.

To find out more about out office supply products and the service LGD Solutions can offer you, contact us today on 0121 430 9000.

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