Is this the death of the business card?

The way in which we do business has obviously had to adapt and change to overcome the many new challenges that have been created by Covid-19, but have you considered how this affects your printed marketing, in particular how you use your business cards? Business Cards have been around for decades as a simple method of sharing contact information with prospects you meet, to build your network and grow your business. With the Covid-19 pandemic putting corporate events and opportunities for face-to-face networking on hold for the foreseeable future, does the business card still have a place in the current business world? Could this pandemic be the death of the business card? We have seen a numb

Seasonal Workwear: Are you Winter ready?

With the winter weather fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your employees will be fully equipped with quality Workwear to continue working effectively throughout the autumn and winter months. Importance of Quality Workwear The appearance of your staff can say a lot about your business, so providing them with quality workwear will help reflect your brand and give off the best possible impression to your clients and prospects. But it is not just the external message your workwear conveys that you need to consider. You also need to think about what your workwear is saying to your staff and the impression it gives them about their employer; after all it is them that will be wearing thes

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