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The 5 printing Ps of 2022

After two years of lockdowns and Zoom overload, we’re finding more and more businesses are reaching for printed materials to reconnect with their audiences.

Tactile, innovative and bold direct marketing is still seen as a valuable tool in capturing the hearts and minds of audiences.

So, from greener printing to personalised leaflets we take a look at the areas where we predict print will flourish this year.

· Planting

The green agenda is pushing the boundaries of environmental printing. According to the latest ONS figures three quarters of adults in the UK are concerned by climate change and the affect it is having on our environment.

Recycled paper and vegan friendly ink are a must, but zero waste initiatives such as plantable paper are now starting to emerge that have the scope to reinvent the industry!

Imprinted with seeds, the paper is used to make all sorts of packaging, cards and tags which once used can then be planted in the ground to create flowers. No more waste and a great way to increase wildflower gardens or even plant trees!

From customer cards to product tags and labels expect to be planting rather than binning your paper in 2022.

· Products

As you scooped your post off the door mat this morning you may have noticed that direct mail is always pushing the boundaries to become brighter, bolder and more interesting. Printed materials come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From bespoke cut out shapes to cleverly folded leaflets that pop up or slowly reveal more and more information.

The need for more innovative designs is opening up a world of possibilities and we are seeing more companies opting for specialist designs to stand out from the crowd. From infinity flyers that continually fold and change their content to intricate die cut shapes showcasing products and pop-up designs, it seems the limit is your imagination.

· Personalisation

When a direct mail is personalised statistics show it is 84% more likely to be opened.

With digital printing, adding in a person’s name and simple details isn’t difficult to achieve but can make a big difference to your audience and read rates.

Technological advances in a number of digital printing methods also mean that you can personalise everything from brochures to note pads. Create bespoke edge to edge printed notepads with colourful designs and company details or mail merge names and details on to leaflets and brochures to make mass printed items feel handmade for each recipient.

· Packaging

Don’t come unstuck with your labelling. As packaging starts to take on different forms, new eco-friendly materials are being used and different types of adhesives are needed to stick labels on to non-plastic alternatives.

Branded packaging makes your items instantly recognisable, but do you need pre-branded packaging, product sleeves or specially designed stickers?

There are so many ways to brand up your goods so think about the materials you are using, the way you want it to look and how it will come together.

· Pairing

Why simply have printed or digital materials when you can combine the two? More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of using QR codes to be inventive in how they send out information.

The black and white bar codes have been around a while and were first invented in 1994 by Japanese automotive firm Denso Wave as a quick and easy way to track vehicles in manufacturing. However, in recent years they have become a popular marketing tool. Used on brochures and guides it creates interaction with your audience and means that your brochure or leaflet can say more than is just there.

Could you use a QR code to launch a competition? Include more detailed imagery or even signpost to a video?

If you are looking for ideas on how to shake up your print and marketing this year let LG Davis help.

Our experts have over 60 years of experience in the industry and are great at coming up with new ways to make your business stand out.

Need a bit of advice or some inspiration? Give us a call on 0121 430 9000 for a free no obligation chat.


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