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Do Your Customers Remember You?

Your logo expresses your businesses visual identity, it’s how consumers remember your brand.

How's your logo looking?

Getting YOUR customers to remember YOUR brand starts with a logo design that is creative, simple and memorable. A well designed, exclusive logo that distinguishes you from market competitors is likely to grab the attention of prospect buyers.

But is it really that important?

It sure is! Your company logo provides a foundation for design throughout your branding and marketing material. This consistency creates familiarity amongst consumers and helps them feel at ease purchasing from you.

You could put your logo anywhere across your online platforms and branding material, but the truth is, you don’t always need to.

Your logo acts as a design framework for all your channels and marketing materials so, done well, your brand can be recognisable without stamping your logo onto all your material.

It will encourage new customers to get to know you, but it needs to be enticing. A well designed, professional logo is likely to attract consumers in comparison to a poorly designed one.

As consumers have numerous encounters with your brand and its logo they learn to know and trust the branding which increases revenue and improves market position.

Here’s what your design says about your business;

When it comes down to the design of your logo it’s essential to understand the psychological messages that you are sending out to customers.

Different shapes and colours deliver various emotional messages to the consumer such as your brand attributes or culture. To have a logo that is professional and a true reflection of your brand, I recommend hiring an experienced graphic designer.

But how does your logo make your customer feel?

With the majority of purchasing decisions based on emotion, it’s necessary to apply this to the face of your branding, you need to have a clear understanding of the emotion you are delivering to your customers through the design of our logo and your branding.

Research shows that ‘colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%’ meaning that your choice of colour is not only going to make the customer remember your brand but also the emotion that the brand identity carries.

Here’s what the colour of your logo says about your brand;

Black: Traditional, expensive, luxury, has authority

White: Efficient, Optimistic, simple

Purple: creative

Blue: calm, strong, trusted, honest, dependable, secure

Green: fresh, peace

Yellow: confident, optimistic, logical,

Orange: cheerful, friendly, affordable, energetic

Red: attention, exciting, love, action, bold, excitement, passion

Here’s what the use of Shapes and forms says about your brand;

Circles: Rounded corners or shapes speaks a brand with friendly, universal and

communal qualities.

Squares: Forms with sharp edges of more square shapes represent trustworthy,

consistent and reliable brand attributes.

Triangles: Logos that have more of a triangular form communicate a brand that offers

power and satisfaction

How does that sound?

A study of the ‘100 most valuable brands in the world’ shows that 51% of brands have a monochrome logo. With a large percentage of successful brands opting for this design it indicates high success rates in simple yet strategic colour combinations.

It’s crucial that logo design pairs with your company’s values and brand message to gain new customers and to grow relationships with existing customers. While your logo is key to defining your brand in a competitive market it is important to use it as a platform to build your branding strategy.

If you would to find out more about professional design services at LGD Solutions for logo and branding please call us on 0121 430 9000.

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