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Increase Your Sales With Variable Data Printing!

We Know How To Increase Your ROI By Up To 15 Times The Usual Rate! If you send marketing literature to your customers and prospects – AND YOU SHOULD BE! – did you know that there’s a simple way to increase the Return On investment (ROI) by up to fifteen times the usual rate?

And I'm about to spill the beans and tell you what it is that will help you achieve these ridiculous levels of ROI on your marketing collateral. Variable Data Printing Ok, so its trade name is Variable Data Printing (VDP) – to you and me – that means that each piece of print you send out is highly personalised to the person you send it to! Variable Data Printing is not a new technique either, it’s been around a while but still many businesses don’t utilise it and they’re missing a huge trick to get better results and more sales. Mass Customisation In short, Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a printing process that enables mass customisation... ...I won't bore you with all the details, but basically, it uses a spreadsheet to populate specific fields on a document, which rapidly personalises each one as it's being printed out. You can add things like their name, company name, company logo, a special price, a special discount, a different offer or different dates! So, if you are printing 1,000 pieces of print to your customers each single one can be totally different. Cost Efficient There’s no additional printing time needed, just a bit of set up time; it outputs the same number of page per minute – so there’s not a big price hike to use VDP – just a bit of planning and thought to use personalisation in a way your customers will feel that your mailer is designed specifically with them in mind. Pretty cool, huh? Wow Your Customers So, if you're planning to send a letter, flyer, leaflet, brochure or any printed marketing material to your customers or prospects then be smart, stand out from your competitors and utilise VDP to add that personal touch! Your customers and prospects will be impressed that you’ve written specifically to them (we won’t tell them any different!) and you’ll establish a real relationship with them.

How can we help? Here at LG Davis we have 3 big Xerox machines waiting and ready that possess full capabilities of VDP - We can easily produce high quality tailored marketing materials for you. The technology we use also allows for real-time tracking to ensure that response rates and return on investment are substantially increased! We use variable data printing to create:

  • Personalised Letters

  • Leaflets

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Postcards

  • CD & DVD Packaging

So, if you’re interested in a massive increase in your response rates and Return on Investments or would like any more information about how VPD can be implemented in your marketing strategy, please give us a call on 0121 430 9000!

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