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Horses For Courses! - How To Choose The Right Print Company For Your Next Print Job!

It's all about capabilities!

Have you ever wondered why two different printers can be so far out when they’re quoting for the same job?

Well, it’s quite simple - they’ll have, different machines, different finishing capabilities and usually a different expectation of profit they need to make to cover their overheads!

Printing machines aren’t cheap so to keep up with the Jones’s is too expensive for some smaller printers and they can’t compete on the big jobs, but they might have great digital capabilities and crush the smaller jobs.

It really is horses for courses!

And, some printers are not really printers – they are simply print farmers and put all their work out to specialist suppliers. Now, they will have you believe that this is the cheapest way for you to buy because they’ll source the best prices depending on the type of job you require. But remember they have to add their uplift – so it’s not always cost effective.

In every different scenario they’ll be a justification for why the price is either cheap or expensive – it’s your job to decipher the reason you get for the prices you get. And let’s be honest you probably haven’t got time to scrutinise specifications to ensure your suppliers are quoting ‘apples for apples’. You just want to know that you’re getting a fair price for your job.

Some of our customers have a price matrix for their high usage products so they know they’re consistently getting a fair price. So, if you use a certain product on a regular basis, negotiate a fair price and you know exactly where you stand.


Then there’s the question of service! A big consideration when ordering print is the time and hassle it takes to get the design sorted, the proof passed, and the job delivered correctly, on time.

So, price is important but, what’s the true cost to you and your business if you get a rubbish piece of print, 5 days late. Opportunity cost to you is far costlier than paying a few extra pounds for a stress-free service.

These are all considerations when you’re buying print, so we’d advise sitting down and really getting to know your printer and how they tick. Go and visit them, look round and ask the right questions to satisfy you that they’ll give you a great service at the right price.


Another big consideration to ask about is the expertise and knowledge of their customers service managers, relationship managers and studio.

You see, one of the biggest mistakes we see on a weekly basis is that the print (especially the marketing print) is not great quality and the content is mediocre to say the least. So, a print company worth its salt should be able to help you write and design a marketing project that will get you a return on your investment.


Design is another area where a printer can help you. Some designers we see for instance, are great at the design function but are unaware of the best option for the print machine. So, if they choose a strange size or a funky design for your project it means that to print it will cost you a fortune. We work very closely with designers to ensure a project will look good and be cost effective.

The upshot is that there’s a lot to consider when you choose a printer. You can simply order online and get a piece of print delivered in 5 days at a decent price. That’s if you have a good designer and maybe a copywriter in house to come up with the magic words.

If you don’t have the means to create your own artwork that’ll get you a great return on investment, then online is not the way to go. A more traditional printer is your best option. They’ll hold your hand and produce a cracking project just the way you want it.

Your next Job...

So, what course do you need to take for your next print job?

Things to consider:

  • What’s the objective of the project?

  • What’s the specification?

  • Who’s writing the content?

  • What images do you need?

  • How many do you need?

  • Is it digital or lithographic?

Then make sure you pick the right horse to help you!

If you’d like any more advise on your project then just give us a call on 0121 430 9000.

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