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Common mistakes people make when ordering new workwear

It might seem simple but when it comes to workwear it can be easy to make costly errors. Whether for branding or safety your staff uniform is an extension of your business. It is often the first thing customers see so it’s crucial you get it right.

We break down the most common errors people make when ordering workwear so that you avoid the pitfalls and find your next order a breeze.

1. Think in seasons

When it comes to providing workwear, consider what job the person wearing it might be doing. Rather than buying lots of very different items, perhaps consider how layers might be better to ensure they can wrap up or cool down easily. Ensure they’re prepared for the summer and the winter and make sure they can be proud to wear the items that emblazon your brand. This also cuts down on wasted extras making sure that you only order what is needed.

2. Branding

Think of how you can incorporate your branding onto your workwear. Do you just want a logo or something more? Also, if your logo is black and the t-shirt is black, don’t be tempted to create a new logo just for this item. Work with your designers and marketing team to ensure that you are keeping everything aligned with your main brand, or it will be counterproductive. Your workwear should showcase your brand not confuse it.

3. Check your sizings

Work with your supplier to make sure you get the right sizes so that your team members are comfortable. What is large in one style could be medium in another. You can always ask for samples to help you find out for sure what’s right.

4. Talk to your staff

There are some staple workwear products that people always think of straight away. But if a t-shirt or fleece just isn’t suitable then don’t be afraid to explore other options. Talk to your staff about what they think is suitable. They will be the ones wearing it so may come up with ideas as to why particular designs might work better. Happy staff are also definitely going to buy into workwear changes more than if you arbitrarily just make changes. There are catalogues full of workwear options, so take the time to find out what’s right for you and be innovative but practical with your design.

5. False economy

It can be very tempting to get in lots of quotes and opt for the cheapest items. But consider the whole picture. How long will the items be needed, what is the overall quality, how do you want them branded up and are there any other hidden costs? High quality workwear might cost more to start with, but can give you much better value down the line. Cheaper products that you have to replace more regularly, or that don’t represent your brand well enough, could be very costly in the long run.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks to get the best out of your workwear then download our free eBook “60 Top Tips For Office, Branding and Print”.

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