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Preparing for reopening: Looking ahead at how you can boost your footfall

With the lockdown set to end at the start of December, how are you planning to get the most out of the crucial weeks before Christmas and boost footfall when you are able to reopen?

Engaging with your customers will be key in helping you achieve this and print is the ideal tool that can support you in doing this.

Taking things online has been key for so many businesses over lockdown, enabling them to continue operating in a new way and still get their products to customers.

But of course when you can reopen come December, the aim and focus will be driving footfall back into your store and really getting the most out of those final fews weeks on the countdown to Christmas.

You need to consider how you go about this and get your brand in front of your customers, keeping you at the forefront of their minds and encouraging them to come and visit you when it is safe to do so.

Have you thought about running a tailored print marketing campaign to achieve this?

Creating a branded leaflet, postcard, brochure or flyer that is personalised and sent directly to your customer’s door is the perfect way to get them excited about your reopening and coming to shop with you.

Personalise your print with our VDP services

Personalising your print is a great way to establish a stronger relationship with your customers and engage with them in a way that your competitors are not even thinking about.

Through our Variable Data Printing (VDP) service, we can work with you to run a highly responsive marketing campaign, targeting individual customers with messages and images that specifically apply to them.

We believe that personalised print doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, which is why through our methods of printing, we can produce personalised printed literature as quickly and efficiently as if every page was identical. ​

Creating truly engaging print

Personalising your print is a great way to grab the recipient's attention but the design and content itself also plays a huge role, so it needs to be thoughtful and effective.

Here are a few things to consider when looking to create your print:

Imagery is key

We know just how important images are when it comes to print; they can help you say a lot with very little and help you to create a stunning piece of print that captures your brand perfectly.

For your festive marketing campaign, perhaps you could consider including exclusive pictures of your store ahead of your reopening, with your festive decorations and products all set up, to help draw their attention and get them excited about visiting you as soon as they can.

Draw them in with an exclusive offer

Consider including an exclusive offer or discount code within your print that can only be used in store.

This is a sure way to boost your footfall, with customers looking to take advantage of your offer and get the best value for money possible.

Provide peace of mind

Despite the rush to get the Christmas shop completed, some individuals may still be reluctant or hesitant to shop in a physical store over safety concerns, opting instead for online shopping.

Through including details in your print of the safety precautions and procedures you have implemented to ensure your customers can shop safely when you reopen, this will help to give these individuals the peace of mind they need to come and visit you in person.

Highlight any key information or changes

Finally, a personalised print marketing campaign also provides a great opportunity for you to highlight any key changes or information you want to share with your customers, such as changes to your opening hours.

We know that for many businesses, they are planning on extending their opening hours, to make the most out of the weeks leading up to Christmas and to ensure customers are able to shop safely at all times.

It is vital to inform your customers of this and including it within your printed literature is ideal.

It could also be a good idea to include details of your social media handles and encourage customers to go and follow you, to ensure they are able to stay up-to-date with any news and updates you will be sharing.


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