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Why is high quality workwear important?

Whatever sector your business is from, providing your employees with the right workwear is vital, but what businesses can often overlook is the difference between workwear and quality workwear.

We understand that when sourcing workwear, many businesses simply look for garments that will meet the criteria with the best cost, especially when they have a large number of employees to cater to.

But when it comes to the safety of your employees and your brand and image, there should be no compromise.

Quality workwear is essential and investing in your workwear can actually prove more cost effective and beneficial than you may initially think.

Health and Safety

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees and this includes providing them with the right workwear, which is also compliant with Health and Safety legislation.

Quality workwear will help ensure you are not only compliant with legislation, but it will also help to minimise the risk of accidents and injury.

Standard and low cost workwear is more susceptible to wear and tear, making your employees vulnerable to accident and injury. This should be a key consideration when your team are regularly operating machinery where their garments could get caught or snagged.

Brand Awareness

For any business, your biggest asset is your employees.

They are the people who are creating your products, providing your services and communicating with your clients - they represent you and your brand.

So it is important to think about what your client will see when they see your employees.

When your employees have been provided with quality workwear, this will be noted by your clients; they will be able to see that you care about your staff and pay attention to even the smallest details.

Branded workwear that perfectly reflects your corporate identity is a great way to maintain your branding across your entire site.

Quality branded workwear can help you achieve this. It is a great tool to help increase your brand awareness and will also help to reflect you, your brand and your values.

Quantity and Quality creates happy Employees

It is also vital that your employees have been provided with the correct quantity of garments.

Often when ordering workwear for employees, businesses may not take into consideration that their employees will need more than one set of their uniform.

Comfort should also be a consideration when selecting workwear for your team as again they are in this clothing for hours everyday.

Low quality workwear could cause your employees to become demotivated, as they feel uncomfortable which in turn could cause them to feel unhappy at work, or they may even feel they are not valued by their employer as they have not been invested in.

Investing in quality is more cost effective

Despite what many people assume, investing in quality workwear can actually prove to be more cost effective.

This is because when you select quality, these garments have been designed with quality materials and processes, meaning they are much more long lasting compared to your typical low cost workwear.

Therefore, investing in quality actually prevents extra costs and saves you money in the long term.


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