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What does your pen say about your personality?

There are thousands of different types of pens with ink coming in a variety of colours from purple and green to black, red or blue.

Black and blue are the most commonly used inks, but with the humble pen being used for everything from schoolwork and business reports to postcards and invites, what if there is more meaning behind the colour of pen you reach for?

When it comes to choosing a pen, studies show that your colour choice might say more about your personality than you had first thought. According to researchers the colour of ink you use reflects your personality, with life’s dreamers reaching for one particular colour, and career minded, super organised individuals going for another.

Ever wondered what your choice of pen says about you? We have summarised what the findings show about the most popular colour choices:

Blue ink:

If you are a fan of blue ink then studies show you are a sensitive, friendly and warm person with an outgoing personality. You are most likely to be seen in a career that helps others such as nursing or a charity.

Black ink:

As one of the most popular ink colours you might not think it says much about a person’s personality. However, if you are a black pen user, you are considered to be a more dominant person who likes to be in charge of their own life. You are sometimes uptight and can be a little conservative when it comes to showing your emotions. You think with your head though and your career is usually in some type of authority.

Red ink:

Red ink can imply that you like being the centre of attention. You are energetic, emotionally passionate and enjoy the limelight. Your creative can lead you to new things and you are not afraid to show your emotions. You love the physical aspect of life.

Right For the Job

Whether you believe that colour can define a person’s personality or not, having the right stationery for the job is crucial and often that comes down to choosing the right colour.

A purple pen for business notes might not be seen as professional and black ink will not stand out if marking up notes on a proof. Therefore, we think that regardless of your personality, colour choice will still say a lot about you. Here are some tips for getting the perfect pen colour, no matter what the job.

1. Do you need to stand out or blend in?

If you are marking up copies or looking to stand out, using an accent colour is a great way to highlight your notes. However, it might not be the best way to hand in your signed employment contract or company notes.

2. Will you need copies of your writing?

The reason forms always ask for them to be completed in black ink is that the darker tone helps them to be read more easily in a scanner or photocopier. If you are looking to copy or scan your notes in then black ink is probably a good option.

3. Serious or more fun?

Colour can enhance your work. If you are looking to hand sign an invitation, a colour co-ordinated silver or gold signature could be a nice touch. Think about where your item is being used and how colour could enrich what you’re trying to do. For formal documents, however, it is usually best to stick with professional, basic colours such as black.

If you need help finding the perfect colour, then contact the LG Davis stationery team for more information. Our expert team can help you find exactly the right colour ink for the job whether you are looking for work pens or wedding stationery.

Visit the stationery shop for more details.


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