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The New Year Stationery Essentials You Need!

There is nothing quite like starting a new year with a new diary. That first crack of the spine as you open it to reveal the crisp white pages, all ready to plan out the year to come.

As January comes to an end, let’s take another look at the New Year stationery essentials!

LG Davis


Yes, online options are also available. But a calendar sat on your desk or on your wall is a useful tool to have. You can quickly get a visual of how the next month is looking.

Wall planners

Whatever technology options there are, nothing compares to having a wall chart up in the office for everyone to see. Easily referred to, it provides all the key dates for the upcoming year in one place – holidays, meetings, conferences, social events…

Note pads

Despite computers, tablets and smart phones, we all still need a note pad. Somewhere to scribble down thoughts, work through a process, make notes of any kind. There are many people out there that still work better with a pen and paper. LGD Solutions stocks many different sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Files and office organisation

Start the year as you mean to go on. Get the office in order. A tidy office where everything has its place will run smoother and productivity will increase. No longer will staff spend precious time looking for that one document, only to find it at the bottom of a pile of admin that should have been sorted weeks ago.

Files, desk trays, filing cabinets, bookcases – we have a range office solutions that will mean you will start the New Year tidy and organised.

New Year – New Look

Why not go the whole hog and go for a new look for the New Year? Give your offices, conference rooms and reception an eye-catching fresh look to motivate staff and impress visitors!

LG Davis

LGD Solutions has a wide range of all stationery and office supplies for companies of all sizes. Call us today on 0121 430 9026 or place your order online at

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