What are the benefits of consolidating your suppliers?

We understand that when it comes to sourcing your print, stationery and workwear, value for money, quality and good customer service is a key focus. We also know that many businesses have limited time and resources to spend the time trying to find different suppliers that can meet these needs. This is where consolidating suppliers can play a vital role. How will consolidating suppliers benefit you? Consolidating suppliers allows you to have just one point of contact for a variety of needs, helping to save valuable time and effort trying to contact multiple suppliers, allowing you to turn your focus to the core requirements of your business. It helps to streamline the entire process, from ord

Why is high quality workwear important?

Whatever sector your business is from, providing your employees with the right workwear is vital, but what businesses can often overlook is the difference between workwear and quality workwear. We understand that when sourcing workwear, many businesses simply look for garments that will meet the criteria with the best cost, especially when they have a large number of employees to cater to. But when it comes to the safety of your employees and your brand and image, there should be no compromise. Quality workwear is essential and investing in your workwear can actually prove more cost effective and beneficial than you may initially think. Health and Safety As an employer, you have a duty of ca

What should you consider when choosing your print partner?

We have previously discussed how being more intelligent with your print can help you to maximise your spend and make it really work for you, but your printing partner also plays a vital role in helping you to achieve this. When it comes to choosing a company to create and produce your printed materials, we understand that getting the most for your money is often the most common focus businesses will look for, which of course is important. There are also a number of other things you may want to consider when choosing your print partner, so you can get the most out of your print. Personal Service Despite the rise of online based printing retailers whose main selling point are quick one-off ord

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