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The Remanufactured Cartridge Myths That Stop You Saving Money!

Good quality printers aren’t cheap, so we understand there’s hesitation when it comes to using remanufactured cartridges.

The last thing you want is to ‘cheap out’ on your toner and it cause a costly fault in your printer, which will ultimately cost you much more in the long-term.

We get it, you’re looking at the bigger picture here!

Because, investing in the ‘proper’ ink is going to give your printer a longer and healthier life… right?


That’s just the way we’ve been programmed to think by all the big scary manufacturers out there.

We need to stop this scaremongering tactic once and for all!

So, to help you save your money, we’ve cleared up some common misconceptions on remanufactured cartridges:

1. Will using Compatible Cartridges invalidate my warranty?

I know you’re not supposed to answer a question with a question… but, why will it?

Unless your new printer got delivered along with CCTV that streams back to the manufacturer, then we really don’t see any way of them finding this information out, anyway.

Nonetheless, this is just a common misconception that has been preached over time - think of it like a folk tale passed down through generations…

…No one knows where it came from, and most believe it to be true. But really, it’s just a myth!

The truth is that no manufacturer can take away a customer’s choice of using original or remanufactured cartages in their printer!

It’s actually illegal to do so, and any service team that tell you otherwise are misleading you.

So, not only can you use whatever cartridge you so please, but your warranty cannot be void whatsoever!

2. Will they leak or damage my printer?

Just because they’re not manufactured by the same company, doesn’t mean they’ve been manufactured badly.

The truth is that original cartridges are as likely to leak as remanufactured cartridges are!

There’s some really good quality compatible toners out there, that do the exact same job as the original manufacturers version do.

So, our advice is to do your research - most reputable companies will provide you with samples to try out first, before you purchase.

3. Do they perform like a regular branded toner?

Not so long ago there were issues with remanufactured toners and how long they lasted. It was a genuine concern; however, the recent remanufactured toners compare favourably with the originals for both quality and longevity.

As we’ve already mentioned they all come with a warranty and quality control processes are rigid and most have a no quibble returns policy.

4. What’s the catch?

There isn’t one!

There’s literally no reason why you can’t instantly start saving money on a trustworthy remanufactured cartridge company straight away! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

You can make up to 65% savings by using remanufactured toner cartridges – so why not give them a try!

If you’d like any more information on remanufactured cartridges, or advice where to get them from then don’t hesitate in contacting us directly on 0121 430 9026. And we’d be happy to send you a compatible sample to try, just let us know the model you require and we’ll ship it out.

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