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What are the benefits of consolidating your suppliers?

We understand that when it comes to sourcing your print, stationery and workwear, value for money, quality and good customer service is a key focus.

We also know that many businesses have limited time and resources to spend the time trying to find different suppliers that can meet these needs.

This is where consolidating suppliers can play a vital role.

How will consolidating suppliers benefit you?

Consolidating suppliers allows you to have just one point of contact for a variety of needs, helping to save valuable time and effort trying to contact multiple suppliers, allowing you to turn your focus to the core requirements of your business.

It helps to streamline the entire process, from ordering through to billing. Everything is clearer and you have much more control and visibility over what your company is purchasing which helps to reduce unnecessary costs.

By selecting a trusted supplier, you can rest assured that you will have quality, great value for money and an excellent service each and every time, and using the same trusted supplier again and again allows you to build a partnership with them, where they can be more involved in processes.

Working closely with you, your print partner will be able to get to know your business and goals, and utilising their knowledge and expertise they can make suggestions to better meet your needs or put forward ideas you may not have even thought about, going above and beyond expectations to meet your needs.

Considering consolidating your suppliers?

Despite these benefits, the main challenge when consolidating suppliers is finding a supplier with a strong depth and breadth of products and services, who is also reliable and has a proven record of quality and delivering results.

Our top tip when consolidating suppliers is to spend quality time doing your research to find a supplier who can really meet your needs.

Read through previous customer reviews and look at any case studies of their work to get an idea of how they work with clients and the services they offer. If you cannot find this information online, don’t be afraid to ask the supplier themselves for references and case studies to help you make your decision.

It is helpful to look into the history of the company, who they have worked with and the types of projects they have worked on, as this can help to demonstrate whether or not they have the expertise and knowledge in each area of supply you require, from print through to office supplies and even workwear.

At LG Davis, we are much more than your average print supplier; we are a one-stop-shop for all your print, stationery and workwear needs.

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