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Why now is the time to review your printed stationery?

With Covid-19 having had a huge effect on businesses, it is vital that as we begin to return to some normality and business starts to resume, that you are getting the most out of everything your business is investing in, including your print.

Taking the time now to review your print will help to maximise your spend and make it work harder for you, both of which are especially important in the current climate.

Start by reviewing your existing printed literature and consider how suitable it is.

The biggest question to ask yourself is ‘Does it still represent our brand correctly and the services/products we offer?’

For many businesses we know that they have either had to refine services or have been able to diversify into new areas as a result of Covid-19.

If this is the case for your business, it is likely that your existing printed literature, particularly print such as product brochures, will no longer be suitable or applicable to your business.

These changes may also mean that your target audience has changed and therefore the key messaging of printed literature may also no longer be suitable.

A final thing to consider in the current climate is the intended purpose of your existing print. In other words, where and how did you intend to distribute your print?

For many businesses, it is common for them to bulk buy their printed literature to keep costs low and so they have a supply ready to go for all of the networking events and expos they will be attending throughout the year ahead.

With social distancing restrictions, it is unlikely for large events like this to be resuming anytime soon and even when they do, individuals may still decide to avoid them and opt for virtual events instead.

With this in mind, it’s time to consider new and innovative ways to get your print in front of your desired audience.

After reviewing your existing printed literature, you can begin to look at what you do need to do and invest in to help you overcome new issues and make your print really work for you.

As specialists in print, we can work with you to help create printed literature that perfectly meets your needs, budget and target audience.

We offer a variety of bespoke printing options, making personalised print a very easy and achievable option for businesses looking to start sending their printed literature directly out to your clients/prospects at home or to their offices. This is an ideal solution to help you still make an impact in a socially distanced business world.

With an in-house design team, we can also work with you to tweak your branding and messaging to ensure your printed literature really represents you and informs your clients and prospects about any new changes you have made as a result of Covid-19.

No matter your needs, the team at LG Davis are on hand to support you through these uncertain times with the help of innovative print solutions.

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