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It’s All About Convenience

The past couple of years have shown us just how easy it is to run our entire lives from our settee. From shopping to organising our finances to connecting with friends on the other side of the world, the growth of digital technology has meant everything can be done at the touch of a button.

An article by Marketing Week at the end of last year revealed how the impact of lockdown has only increased our desire for convenience. Gone are the days of gadgets and throw away gimmicks, consumers are now looking for handy life hacks that make everyday tasks far simpler. So how can we optimise on this to make better connections with our customers in 2022?

For decades companies have been putting their branding on items and giving them away to customers in the hope that they’ll use them and the items will help to promote the company. It can be a powerful way to get your brand out there. But if you want it to work, you need to find the perfect item that your customers will want to keep and use.

Taking into consideration this new trend for convenience, here are our top tips for the branded merchandise that will grab the attention of your customers in 2022.

  • Drinkware - Coffee shops will now fill up your reusable cup instead of you having to use one of their throw-away vessels. How great would it be if the drinkware your clients were using had your brand on it? Most of us have hot drinks every day, so this could be a well-utilised item. Or for those looking to stay hydrated with a cooler drink, a fruit infused water bottle could be a handy alternative.

  • Headphones – Listening to music on the go is easier than ever, and that must mean that more people are using headphones. As we all know, giveaways that are truly useful are far more likely to be kept. Imagine if every time your client listens to their favourite album, they’ll be seeing your brand. These aren’t the cheapest of items, but for those more special customers it could put you ahead of the competition.

  • Powerpack and USB adapters – Charging on the go: it’s the ultimate convenience. Again these aren’t the cheapest items, but we recommend ordering smaller numbers and sending them to your most precious customers or most desired prospects. A powerpack that enables you to charge on the go could be the very definition of convenience.

  • Phone holder – This could be a useful thing to give to people as they move around in their busy lives. Especially as more of us are working out of the office and perhaps having meetings in hired spaces for the day. Having something to pop your phone in so it’s easy to see and doesn’t get lost in all your paperwork could be invaluable for the right type of person.

  • Bags – In a world conscious of recycling and where carrier bags cost you money, why not give away a tote bag to customers so they can carry your logo wherever they go.

  • Anti-bacterial pens – These innovative office supplies combine the simplicity of a pen with the latest technology. They have an anti-bacterial coating to keep the office germ free. Not only is it a handy way to keep things clean, but these branded pens will be the talking point wherever they go.

Whatever you’re planning for 2022, don’t forget that it’s not about what works for you, it’s about what works for your customers. We recommend that you always consider the following:

  • Being targeted – What do you know about your customers and what would they like? The winning combination is to find something that could not only be useful or attractive to your target audience but will also perfectly showcase what you do.

  • Eco-conscious – With green matters being high on the agenda for many people and many businesses, be mindful of reducing waste.

  • Stand out – Make sure you have a great design and you include some form of contact information, even if it’s just your website address.

If you’d like more ideas on convenient branded merchandise, please give us a call. We thrive on helping people find innovative solutions and we’re happy to talk through what products might work for you.


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