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Maximising your marketing potential with every delivery

Has the Covid-19 pandemic meant your business has had to adapt the way you operate? We know that for many organisations, home deliveries have been something they have had to embrace over recent months to allow clients to access their products in a different way to before.

Whether this is the case for you, or you have always delivered your products to clients, have you thought about how you can utilise print to help you get the most out of your deliveries?

Through intelligent thinking when it comes to your print, you can utilise your deliveries as a great opportunity to market yourself and your brand.

Below we have discussed some of the ways you can achieve this.

Package and product labels

Think about how you currently utilise your delivery labels.

These labels are included on the exterior of your packages and therefore will be the very first impression a person will have of your business before they even open the package and item, so they are the perfect way to help you make an impact.

Through thoughtful design, you can make your labels eye catching and colourful to tie in with your brand.

You could also include key messages and information regarding you and the product the individual will be receiving. This will help to inform and educate them, whilst reinforcing your brand from the very first time they receive their parcel.

Particularly in the current climate, you could also utilise them as the perfect way to communicate important Covid-19 messages with customers, such as a reminder to sanitise all packages before opening.

You could even design a label or sticker to thank them for their custom and supporting your business during these difficult and unprecedented times.

These are all very small details, but they won’t go unnoticed and will all help to make a great, professional and friendly impression of your business.

Leaflets, postcards and flyers

Including printed literature inside your parcels is a great way you can further reinforce your brand and provide the recipient with more detailed information about who you are and about the product.

If you include information that they will find of value, they are much more likely to keep it to refer back to rather than discard it, helping to boost your brand awareness.

Your design will also be key in ensuring this; you should look to make the print colourful and eye catching, with powerful imagery and text that is easy to read and simple to understand.

Package leaflets and postcards also present a great opportunity in the current climate for you to educate and inform them of the steps you are taking and processes you are implementing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This can help boost your image and reputation, as it demonstrates a level of care and consideration, which in turn can help them to connect and engage with you and your brand.

You could also include information of an exclusive offer or promotion you are running for customers to help encourage them to purchase from you again next time or that they can use when they visit your physical store, helping to boost your footfall.

Including details of your social media handles is also great to inform them of where they can follow you and stay up-to-date with any news and updates you will be sharing, such as your reopening date, changes to your safety procedures, track and trace etc.


One final area you can utilise as a branding and marketing opportunity is the appearance of your staff when they deliver your package to the client.

Do they currently wear anything that has your logo and branding included? If not, this is a missed opportunity for your business.

If they do, is it still up-to-date and in keeping with your branding, your values and how you want to represent yourself? This is important to consider, particularly if you have made any key changes recently as a result of Covid-19.

Through providing your delivery team with quality branded workwear, this enables you to showcase your brand in the best light and ensure delivery staff are presenting themselves professionally, therefore reflecting your business in the right way and helping you to make an impact and the best impression possible.

At LG Davis, we offer a variety of print and workwear solutions and can work with you to help you really utilise the branding and marketing opportunities that deliveries can offer. Contact us to find out more.


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