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Print publication calls on LG Davis as leading expert second month running

Managing Director Liz Smith has been asked to share her expertise with leading print publication Print Week as statistics continue to show a decline in the number of skilled print workers.

Featuring in an article this month looking at the future of the industry and sharing LG Davis’ innovative ways to adapt to a changing market, it is the second time this year Liz has been chosen to share her expertise.

Talking to Richard Stuart-Turner at Print Week Liz explained she wasn’t surprised by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) latest figures and called for more to be done to promote the industry as a prospective career to young people in schools and colleges.

“There is no escaping the fact the print industry is changing,” says Liz, whose father Ron O’Donnell started the business in 1962.

“Digital advancements and automation are rightfully helping the industry grow but it will never replace the skilled tradespeople our industry needs.

“For too long the industry has struggled to embrace and encourage the younger generation into the sector. It is something we are very passionate about changing.”

Taking on apprentices every year LG Davis runs a comprehensive training package which covers every aspect of the role from shop floor and maintenance to design and marketing.

“Young people need to understand the opportunities available in the industry. To do that we need to shake this traditional image of print and show the vibrant new industry which is offering fresh opportunities for young people to shape and grow an ever-evolving industry.”

Statistics from the past 15 years show a 73% drop in skilled tradespeople in the printing industry between 2006 and 2021. Although some of the figures could be equated to the increase in digital technology reducing the need for as many skilled workers the figures also show a worrying drop in recruitment for the industry.

“It is essential traditional skills aren’t lost and it is also important to recognise that the need for a younger workforce isn’t just about passing on skills but helping the business evolve as well. “Every young apprentice brings a wealth of ideas and a new outlook that helps our business remain up to date, they are the life blood of the industry.”

Find out more about Liz’s views and how the industry is changing in the latest edition of Print Week which is out now.


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