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Save Your Stationery!

When was the last time you checked how much your stationery is costing you? It’s not just about how many pens and pads are being used, but are you purchasing the right items and buying them in the right way? A quick review of your stationery could save you a lot of money.

We often work with companies to run a stationery audit. The cost of office equipment can vary quite considerably between different suppliers, so it’s really important that you take a moment and ask yourself whether cost savings can be made. A good stationery audit is almost a guaranteed cost saving. They usually start by reviewing aspects such as your current budget, what items you purchase and from where, and your overall usage.

Here are our tips on what you should review to see where you can save costs:

1. The first step is to review your current budget. This is both to look at what you’re spending and how often you spend the money. When was the last time you actually checked your stationery budget? Is it higher than you expected? Just having a bit more control over what you spend and when can in itself save you money.

2. The next step is to look at what items you are ordering. Are you buying items that aren’t being used and then running out of other things more frequently? How could you address the balance better? Check how employees are using stationery items. Especially if you have more staff working from home, do you have a policy on how you’re going to ensure they have the right items to work with? You want your staff to have the items they need to do their job properly, but it can be easy to take things home accidentally and leave them there.

3. Check how many suppliers you use. The best situation is to use just one supplier for everything, as that saves time as well as money. This might extend to more than just stationery. Who provides your office furniture, printed materials and branded items? Having one purchase order, one way to order and one delivery is far more efficient. You’d be surprised just how much time you’ll save.

4. Review how often you order. Ordering items in itself can be a time consuming task. Are you reactive or proactive? Do you replenish once a month based on a check of how many items have been used, or do you order now and then, when someone remembers? LG Davis offers an easy online ordering system and we can help you manage stock levels in a quick and efficient way. Where could improvements be made for you?

Work with your supplier to find the most cost effective way to deliver your items to ensure you have the right level of stock replenishment. How long are your deliveries taking and how much are they costing? If you have one supplier for everything, how could this make your life easier?

5. Put someone in charge. Having someone in charge of the stationery cupboard will help to keep things under control. Give a member of staff the role of checking on stock levels and monitoring usage, and have one person work with your supplier to ensure that you have the right flow of stock.

At LG Davis, we actively try to help our customers save. If you’ve read this blog then we’d like to offer you a free stationery audit where we can support you in reviewing what you use and where cost savings can be made. For every stationery audit we’ve done, we’ve been able to help customers save money. So challenge us to make a difference in your office. Just contact us on 0121 430 9000 and let us know you’ve read this blog and you’re ready for your stationery audit, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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