How to get more out of print for your events in 2020

If you have events, seminars or exhibitions planned for 2020, have you considered what printed materials you will need and how they can help you? When it comes to events and expos, people often tend to have one of two approaches to printed materials: They will use a more scattergun approach - ordering leaflets, posters and brochures as and when they need them ahead of a big event. Purchase large quantities to use at all events and have enough to last a long period of time. Both of these approaches don’t take into account what you would like to get from each event and neither are they designed specifically for a particular exhibition and target audience in mind. This is essential to maximise

How can print play a role in your marketing strategy?

With digital marketing now a popular choice for businesses, many believe that more traditional marketing tools, such as print no longer have a place in the increasingly digital world, but print is far from dead. Print still has a role within marketing but now it’s about being intelligent with your printed marketing, in order to reap the benefits it has to offer. Some see print as a ‘spend’ and something that they have just always done, without really thinking about the true ‘purpose’ of their print. This has often led to a lack of ROI, which in turn has led to them no longer considering print as an effective marketing tool for their business, but they couldn’t be more wrong. How can I be int

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