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How can print play a role in your marketing strategy?

With digital marketing now a popular choice for businesses, many believe that more traditional marketing tools, such as print no longer have a place in the increasingly digital world, but print is far from dead.

Print still has a role within marketing but now it’s about being intelligent with your printed marketing, in order to reap the benefits it has to offer.

Some see print as a ‘spend’ and something that they have just always done, without really thinking about the true ‘purpose’ of their print.

This has often led to a lack of ROI, which in turn has led to them no longer considering print as an effective marketing tool for their business, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

How can I be intelligent with my print?

Your print should be … focused on your objectives

Print should not be seen as just a ‘spend’, instead you really need to consider what you want to achieve through your print and how it can help you to achieve your objectives.

If your objective is to engage with your existing clients, you should consider how your print can add that more personal touch, to help make your customers feel valued, build loyalty and increase engagement.

Equally, if your objective is to enter new markets or launch a new product or service, you should consider how your print could help you stand out and grab the attention of new and prospective customers, whilst being informative and helping to tell your story.

Taking the time to consider the real purpose of your print will really help to maximise your spend and help you get the best results.

Your print should… complement your other marketing activities

With the rise of digital marketing and new means of communications, lots of businesses now only focus on the digital aspect in their marketing strategy, neglecting to consider how digital and print can actually complement each other.

Of course, digital marketing is key for businesses, but when paired with complementary printed materials and literature it can be even more effective, helping to establish and build an identity across various channels and reach a wider audience.

Your print should be… relevant and appropriate

There is such a variety of printing types, from brochures and catalogues through to more personalised communication, so choosing a type of print that is appropriate for you is vital.

You should consider what the purpose of the print is, what you want to achieve and the audience for your printed materials.

With all of this information in mind, you can then effectively consider which type of print is the best option for you and which is going to meet all of the above, again helping you to maximise your spend and achieve the best ROI.

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