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Advice to support your safe and effective Return to Work

If you are currently reconfiguring your offices ready to welcome more of your employees back to work, has it created a need for additional signage or office furniture? We can help you.

Due to the current climate, before welcoming back any of your staff to the workplace it is vital you have taken the time to review your current office layout and make changes that will allow for social distancing and safe working.

For many businesses this will require them to reconfigure their offices. If this is the case for you, there are a number of things you need to consider, particularly in regards to signage and additional office furniture.

Safety Signage

In order to support your office reconfiguration, you will require essential safety signage to act as regular reminders to both employees and visitors about social distancing and regular hand washing/sanitising.

This type of signage should be added at your entry and exit points, to help detail to anyone entering or leaving your site what you would like them to do to help you maintain safety.

This could be instructing them to wait at a certain point until they are welcomed in, to sanitise/wash their hands when entering, where and how they need to sign in/out and other key instructions.

If your reconfiguration has seen you create one-way systems within the office, you will require signage to make this clear to your staff and to help direct them safely. This could include signage such as posters and floor stickers, including directional arrows and social distancing reminders.

Another type of signage to consider is those to be used within your shared facilities, such as kitchens, canteens, meeting rooms or break rooms to instruct staff on what you would like them to do before entering the space, whilst using the space and before they leave the space.

For example, this could include instructions around sanitising any key pieces of equipment or high touch points they have used before they leave the space; or it may be details around the number of people allowed to use the space at any one time.

Office Furniture

When reconfiguring your offices, you may have also identified a need for additional office furniture, particularly if you are trying to space out your employees or create new working spaces in areas that have not been used as workspaces before.

We can provide a variety of office furniture to meet all of your needs and support the successful reconfiguration of your offices.

Whilst taking the time to review and plan your office setup, you may have even come to the conclusion that you will still require a percentage of your staff to continue working from home until it is safe to bring them back.

If this is the case and they will be working from home on a more permanent basis, it is important they have everything they need to support them.

You should consider providing them with office furniture, such as a desk, printer and ergonomic office chair, that will enable them to set up their own home office, where they are comfortable and can continue to work productively.

Whatever your requirements, LG Davis are on hand to support the reconfiguration of your offices and any other needs you may have as you begin to return to your new ‘normal’.

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