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2022 – Reflecting on our 60th year

2022 has been a busy year for LG Davis. As we marked our 60th anniversary there were lots of things to celebrate. From our Managing Director Liz Smith being asked to share her industry insights, to training the next generation of workers and 3 new state of the art Xerox printers, which increased production by up to 40%, it has certainly been a momentous year.

As we look forward to 2023, we just wanted to take a moment to share our highlights from the past 12 months and say thank you to all our customers and staff who have made our 60th anniversary a year to remember

In 1962 Ron O’Donnell opened a small stationery shop in Balsall Heath. Little did he know that 60 years on his legacy and support from his daughter Liz Smith would have helped to grow the family company to a multi-million pound print, stationery and office supplies business.

A lot has changed, and this year has been a chance to reflect on our successes and look forward to the future.

Spring successes

In February our ambitious plans for future growth were picked up by Print Week, which is a trade magazine supporting the print industry. They shared our recent successes and marked our long-standing connection to the industry as we celebrated 6 decades in print.

This was closely followed by Managing Director Liz Smith being asked to share her insights as a leading woman in the industry as part of International Women's Day.

As a traditionally male dominated industry, great strides have already been made to right the balance, with Liz being chosen alongside other leading industry women to feature in several publications talking about her experience as a woman in print. It was a great opportunity to discuss the challenges the industry still faces in recruiting women in to print while looking at how things have already changed and the benefits print continues to bring.

Summer growth

In the summer, exhibition season was finally reignited following COVID and our team was busy helping businesses with their marketing and stand materials.

After two years of exhibitions being put on hold due to the pandemic it was the perfect time for businesses to re-evaluate marketing materials and get back out at in person events.

Every year there are around 1.3million business events in the UK making it an important part of the marketing calendar and it was nice to see in person events back in force.

As part of our continued growth, we invested in new print technology in June to increase production by up to 40%. Installing new Xerox Versants and updating existing machinery ensures we can continue to deliver a first- class service with state-of-the-art technology while still supporting the next generation of industry leaders.

Autumn support

This year we have helped to nurture four apprentices who have been through our apprenticeship programme to invest in the next generation. Their ideas, enthusiasm and dedication are always inspiring and bring a new dimension to the team, and we look forward to welcoming our next cohort in the New Year.

October marked our official 60th anniversary and was a great time to reflect on all our successes over the year while looking forward to our ambitions for next. We shared our 60 Top Tips for businesses looking to benefit from our six decades of experience.

Winter savings

As 2022 draws to an end, we have been working with customers to evaluate their current requirements and look at simple ways to increase efficiencies. In the current economic climate, it is a request we are seeing more frequently and our Free audit service has been invaluable in helping businesses to reorganise their office supplies and get the very most out of their budget.

In our 60th year we cannot thank all our loyal customers and dedicated staff enough. Their support and dedication are what makes LG Davis what it is today and we look forward to sharing many more successes and continue to support the industry as we head into 2023.

If you need any advice or inspiration for your next marketing or print project, get in touch with our sales team on 0121 4309000 or email

With 60 years of experience in the industry our knowledgeable team are dedicated to offering the very best service as well as office solutions which drive efficiencies to alleviate time and cost constraints.


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