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Seasonal Workwear: Are you Winter ready?

With the winter weather fast approaching, now is the time to ensure your employees will be fully equipped with quality Workwear to continue working effectively throughout the autumn and winter months.

Importance of Quality Workwear

The appearance of your staff can say a lot about your business, so providing them with quality workwear will help reflect your brand and give off the best possible impression to your clients and prospects.

But it is not just the external message your workwear conveys that you need to consider.

You also need to think about what your workwear is saying to your staff and the impression it gives them about their employer; after all it is them that will be wearing these garments on a daily basis.

When staff are provided with uncomfortable or unsuitable workwear, it can have an impact on their morale at work and even their productivity levels.

Your workwear should be comfortable and practical for staff, with a quality that helps them to take pride in the uniform they wear and therefore the company that they work for.

Yes, your branded workwear does play a huge role in the impression you give off, but equally it is the staff that are wearing it and the service they provide that will say a lot more about who you are and your values.

Do you provide your staff with seasonal workwear?

With the wet and colder weather fast approaching, how appropriate is your workwear?

Now is an ideal time to consider and review the existing workwear your staff have access to.

You need to look at ordering seasonal workwear pieces so you are prepared and staff will be able to easily switch from their lightweight summer items, to more sturdy and weatherproof garments that will keep them warm and comfortable over the coming months.

You may even want to consider specific materials that help with body temperature regulation, especially if your staff are regularly switching from indoor and outdoor working.

Investing in this type of workwear will mean that it can not only be used throughout the Autumn/Winter season but also into the early Spring months, making it a practical and cost effective solution.

We can work with you to advise on the most appropriate workwear pieces based on your needs.

What about seasonal staff?

For businesses who hire a high number of temp staff for seasonal production, it is also important to ensure you have the correct and appropriate workwear available for these workers.

We understand that the Christmas season in particular is a key time for many businesses, who require additional workers to support the increase in demand for their products and services.

Despite these workers not being permanent members of your team, it is just as important that they have also been provided with workwear that is appropriate and comfortable.

Providing these workers with branded workwear is important to help them feel like part of the team whilst they are working with you, boosting morale and in turn productivity.

Ensuring all workers, both permanent and temp are provided with branded workwear will also help to ensure cohesion and consistency of your brand and image across all areas of your site for your staff, stakeholders and clients.


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