6 Questions top procurement managers ask when looking for an office products supplier

When it comes to office supplies, you probably know a thing or two. But, with the average employee costing a company between £150 and £600 per year, it’s time for a rethink. Sure, a few changes could save you thousands a year, but it’s not all about money. The right office products supplier should bring you a bundle of benefits you may not have considered. Together, these could streamline your business model whilst taking the hassle, headaches and expense out of the whole procurement process. So, ask yourself: “am I really getting the best deal from my supplier?” Now take the time to read on. You may want to re-evaluate... #1. First things first: how does my supplier compare by price? Whethe

Your Essential Guide to Sourcing the Perfect Print

Having brilliant marketing literature to hand is a winning way to portray the professionalism of your business. But, great design doesn’t end at the designer. Next time someone hands you a brochure, consider the feel of the card, the vibrancy of the colour, the weight of the material and the subtlety of the bind. If you want your literature to leave your customers in awe, you need to know your choices. To that end, we’ve put together a few tips to help you find print perfection... Know your options Sending artwork to print may seem like a simple task. That is, until the printer starts to ask questions. Does it include the specified crop marks and bleeds? Have you considered the gsm, stock an

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