It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish...

Now, if you’ve been with us this far on our journey to help you produce a perfect piece of marketing print, you’ll know that this is the very last instalment in our 6-part. We’ve delved into some of the critical steps and processes that’ll make your print project come alive. So far, we’ve covered the following topics: Written Content & Copy… read here Materials… read here Colours & Brand… read here Design & Layout… read here Paper Sizes & Shapes… read here And now finally we’re going to be talking about print finishes and how to finish off your print project ready to wow your customers. There’s a plethora of choices for you to make for some final magical touches that’ll make your next print

Does Shape And Size Matter?

We’re now on part 5 of our 6-part series of helping you plan a perfect print job that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. If you’ve missed our past few blogs then here’s a link so you can catch up! So far, we’ve given you some awesome information to help you get the ball rolling but today we’re going to be touching upon the shape and the size of your print project. Depending on what it is you’re having printed, you need to think about the size, shape and if it’s worth creating a custom shape. So, what we’d like to do is give you some standard sizing for various printed marketing tools and discuss the benefits. Standard Sizes A7 – 105mm x 74mm This is the smallest size that would be recomme

Design & Layout In Print

We’re officially in week four of our series on how to help YOU learn the processes in preparing media for print. So far we’ve covered written copy, materials and colours. Today we’re going to be touching upon the design and layout. If you missed the last few, have no fear, get them here! Let’s jump right in shall we? The design in print is meant to be free flowing and comprehensible. So far you should have your copy and all of the content ready to put on a template and come up with the ‘look’. Some things to consider: First Impressions Count What you don’t want to happen when someone first looks at your print is for them to take a glance and decide it’s not worth delving in to. If the cover

Are You Showing Your True Colours?

If you’ve been following our blogs the past couple of weeks you’ll know that here at LG Davis we’re helping you learn more about the printing process. If you missed our first couple of posts on writing great content and why material matters for print then – don’t worry, click here to read them. This week we’re looking to splash some colour into your life and as this is important, you might wanna grab a cuppa and read on… Is Colour That Important In Print? Well, ink aside - the world is full of colour and colour is one of the first things that people will see when they look at your print. It’s going to help draw them in, the thing that entices them and it may be the thing that makes them stay

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