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Why it is time to get personal with your marketing campaigns!

84% of consumers say being treated like a person, rather than just a number, means they are more likely to engage with your business.

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) reports personalised campaigns can receive up to 300% higher response rates compared to non-personalised direct mail. So, it is no surprise that personalised print is rapidly becoming a business’ most powerful marketing tool.

But, what is it and how can you use personalised printing to talk to your customers?

We look at the facts behind the trend to help you get the most out of every campaign. From when to you use personalisation to how to get the best results.

What is personalised printing?

Variable data printing (VDP), or personalised print, is an advanced form of digital printing which allows multiple documents to be individually personalised with text or imagery so that the messaging can personally speak to everyone it targets.

It can be used on everything from envelopes and labels to thank you notes, offers and discounts or flyers and Christmas cards.

An on-demand print service it is easy to use and helps to capture your audience’s attention, improve engagement and most importantly personalise your messaging.

How does variable data printing work?

VDP uses specific data elements to customise a generic, static document design so that custom details can be added to individual projects on one single print run. It works in a similar way to the concept of mail merge where names and addresses are added to a letter or envelope using a spreadsheet of information.

The process requires a digital press with specialist software which can match the various variable data elements into the print files before being printed.

Once completed it allows hundreds of thousands of printed items to be created at high speed, each with the tailor-fit elements you chose to put in them.

For example, if you are mailing an invitation, you could add personalised maps to give specific directions to your location for each client, or you could introduce key background details or highlight key products you know would be of interest for each client, details on renewal notices or when you last spoke.

It suddenly turns a generic document into a bespoke mailer which talks directly to your audience.

Five ways to consider variable data printing for your next project

With so many options the digital printing software is only limited by your imagination and data capabilities. Companies are thinking of ever more innovative ways to personalise correspondence and it is becoming so seamless you might not even realise it is happening.

· Speak directly to your customers

The statistics speak for themselves with studies

showing 75% of consumers prefer it when brands personalise their messaging and offer, with 80% liking it when retailers provide personalised suggestions.

Personalised messaging helps to boost customer engagement and drastically increase response rates. Why not try and use your customer data to be more helpful in how you contact your customers providing specific suggestions and content? When content speaks directly to the person reading it, it makes sense that engagement levels increase, in turn seeing Return on Investment (ROI) improved.

· Support staff retention

Personalised products aren’t just for targeting new clients, they are a great way to show employees how much you value their input. 2023 has been a particularly bad year for employee retention for customers with some studies by HR leaders showing more than three-quarters (77%) having problems finding and keeping employees.

In such a difficult market it is important to make sure your messaging stands out. Providing personalised products and messaging shows that you care and understand your staff. Studies show that when staff feel valued, they are not only more productive but also remain loyal to the company. Could you personalise your staff onboarding packs? Send out personal staff updates and newsletters?

· Ease of use

Get it right and you can even use personalisation to reduce your costs! Add customer addresses directly on to your correspondence reducing the need for additional resources such as envelopes or labels. Getting the document printed all at once it also speeds up the whole process by reducing the need for additional time to place the items in envelopes, or stick on labels.

· Keep track of your customer journey

With the use of bar codes and identification numbers placed on marketing platforms, businesses can see where a customer is in their buying journey. It allows the data to be applied to new promotional content being printed so that it is specifically related to what they would be interested in. No more generic emails and misaligned communication with targeted, time specific mails relevant to each customer.

· Going beyond print to perfect personalisation

As the technology advances there are lots of other ways to personalise your communication as well. Have you thought about sending more personalised branded merchandise? Why send everyone the same product when you can show an extra level of thought by personalising it? Stamp special items with specific dates or create memories with personalised t-shirts or mugs.

The possibilities are endless and create so many opportunities to enhance your communications.

Wondering whether VDP could enhance your next campaign? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

We can work with you to look at what your next campaign could look like, what data you need and how to get the best design for your idea.

Find out more by contacting the sales team or calling 0121 430 9000.


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