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Why bad choices with branded merchandise can alienate your customers rather than inspire them?

Choosing the right branded merchandise is about more than just a product. Your choices reflect your brand and values. They are a way of highlighting who you are as a firm and help to build trust and brand loyalty.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association states 75% of people buy after receiving branded merchandise.

Clearly a powerful tool, it is important that your choices are considered and truly reflect your brand. They should have the same measured approach as any communication, product choices or business decisions you make.

To help make it easier for you, we look at the top five things businesses need to consider when choosing branded merchandise, ensuring you are remembered for all the right reasons and you don’t leave customers less than impressed.

1. Does the quality reflect the target market?

When it comes to cost the cheapest option might seem the winning choice, especially with the current economic squeeze. However, it is important you chose products that reflect your brand. If you are selling to a high-end target market providing cheap branded merchandise could harm your brand. It won’t give the right impression and could leave your customers feeling less than appreciated. Equally if you provide budget friendly solutions an innovative high-end product might be impractical and alienate a budget savvy market. Make sure that branded merchandise reflects your product price point and the target audience you wish to attract.

2. Do the colours match or confuse your brand?

It is easy to choose a product, add your logo on and think it is branded merchandise. If the colours and style don’t suit your brand though it will fail in its fundamental role of driving brand awareness. People won’t recognise the product as part of your brand and will instead focus on the product rather than the company.

Some of the best branded merchandise campaigns aren’t down to the product but the way that marketing teams have innovatively woven their brand through the product. Either by clever use of colour or logo use to subtly reinforce the brand.

3. Does it meet your environmental objectives?

Whether you are eco-conscious or not your branded merchandise should reflect your company’s objectives and environmental stance. There is no point sending out throw away single use plastic items as promotional giveaways if your company claims to be carbon neutral or promoting greener solutions in the office. Make sure that your brand values are reflected in everything you do from the choice of materials to the ink used and distribution.

4. Is it useful to your target market?

On the go coffee mugs or high-tech gadgets might be the latest trend in branded items but do they reflect your target market? The purpose of any promotional giveaway is to build trust. The best way to do that is to show that you understand your clients’ pain points. Make sure promotional items are relevant and useful to your audience not just the latest gimmick.

5. Does it promote longevity of your brand?

Look for items that can be reused and have a long shelf life. Products which are quickly thrown away can leave your brand just as quickly forgotten. Look at how your branded merchandise can be reused or repurposed to make sure that your message is seen for many years to come.

When it comes to branded merchandise there can be lots to think about and it can be more complicated than you might think to maximise results. One thing for sure though is that your choice in branded merchandise should reflect the same brand values and ethos as your company so as not to confuse your brand.

Looking for ideas? LG Davis would love to help. Our team are keen problem solvers and with a wealth of experience can offer you advice on how to get the most out of your branded merchandise.

Looking for inspiration? Not sure what branded merchandise best reflects your business? Ask our sales team and we will be happy to find a solution.

Contact us today on 0121 430 9000


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