The New Year Stationery Essentials You Need!

There is nothing quite like starting a new year with a new diary. That first crack of the spine as you open it to reveal the crisp white pages, all ready to plan out the year to come. As January comes to an end, let’s take another look at the New Year stationery essentials! Calendars Yes, online options are also available. But a calendar sat on your desk or on your wall is a useful tool to have. You can quickly get a visual of how the next month is looking. Wall planners Whatever technology options there are, nothing compares to having a wall chart up in the office for everyone to see. Easily referred to, it provides all the key dates for the upcoming year in one place – holidays, meetings,

Print for Profit: Why You Should Invest in Print Marketing

“Print is dead.” Not only is this phrase like a stab in the heart, it’s also false. Apart from the fact there are 8,400 print companies in the UK alone, statistics from the CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017 show that companies continue to invest over almost third of their advertising budgets in print. Granted, 41.2% of budgets goes towards digital marketing, but nonetheless, print has a significant and very present role in business today. Ignoring it could be detrimental to your business and profits. Print marketing: the stats Before looking at why print is a good investment, let’s take a look at the stats: Trust – 61% of people say they trust adverts in newspapers and magazines, compared to 42% fo

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