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Print for Profit: Why You Should Invest in Print Marketing

“Print is dead.” Not only is this phrase like a stab in the heart, it’s also false.

Apart from the fact there are 8,400 print companies in the UK alone, statistics from the CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017 show that companies continue to invest over almost third of their advertising budgets in print.

Granted, 41.2% of budgets goes towards digital marketing, but nonetheless, print has a significant and very present role in business today. Ignoring it could be detrimental to your business and profits.

Print marketing: the stats

Before looking at why print is a good investment, let’s take a look at the stats:

  • Trust – 61% of people say they trust adverts in newspapers and magazines, compared to 42% for online ads.

  • Website traffic – 44% of people are encouraged enough by direct mail marketing to actually visit the website.

  • Keep for reference – 48% of people keep direct mail to refer to at a later point (this is in addition to those who act immediately).

  • Preferred by the young – despite the fact that ‘the young’ are thought to be the generation that do everything online, this category actually prefers direct mail when it comes to making a decision about a purchase.

So, quite evidently, print is far from dead.

Why print is a good investment

Although digital marketing may have overtaken print marketing for the time being, it has also done it a favour. It has made print marketing unusual. And that’s why it is worth investing in.

People are swamped with marketing emails these days – the majority of which don’t even get opened. Now, send someone something through the post and they notice you. Why? Because not everyone is doing it. It has become usual. It’s tangible.

It’s very easy to make print eye-catching. Different types of paper, different textures and finishes, different shapes are all options to trigger the senses. Once senses are triggered, people remember you.

Be it a simple leaflet or brochure, an advert in a magazine or newspaper or a whole catalogue, if you do it well, the ROI will be the proof that print is still very much alive.

Print Compliments Digital

By no means should companies invest their whole marketing budget in print. Digital marketing via websites and social media is essential in today’s world of business. However, this does not mean that print isn’t needed. In fact, print can compliment digital marketing and make it more effective.

Print is a good investment to raise brand awareness, point people in the direction of your website or social media pages and generally give people an image to remember when they need your product or service. However, by including elements such as QR codes, you can direct customers to exactly where you want them to be and maximise the effect of your digital campaigns, taking it beyond where it would have reached standing alone.

Don’t neglect print. It will reward you in ways you wouldn't believe!

Call LGD Solutions today on 0121 430 9000. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your next print marketing campaign.

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