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What Is A Print Audit And Why You Should Have One!

What is a Print Audit?

All businesses need print to function properly and many are deluged with copious amounts of it!

It’s usually perceived as a necessary evil and not given the attention it deserves, apart from the price per thousand.

And in a lot of businesses print is ordered by various people and costs are hidden in multiple cost centres which is difficult to monitor and track.

And while price is important, there are numerous ways a professional Print Management Company can improve your annual budget and more importantly, the Return on Investment you realise from your print.

So, a print audit is simply a process to determine the printed items you purchase, the quantity you order, your annual usage, the paper flow of how it’s used, by who and why?

It will also highlight the number of different suppliers you use with the intention of streamlining purchasing functions with a more sustainable approach to handling your print requirements.

Why should we have one?

A good Print Management company will save you money by printing at cheaper costs per thousand for realistic quantities of print that won’t become obsolete or wasted.

They’ll question materials, colour processes and whether you need to print on lithographic machines or cheaper digital options.

They’ll look at who’s ordering, consolidate cost centre usage and help you monitor usage going forwards.

More importantly they’ll give you analysis to control print budgets going forwards. Most of them will have access to online ordering and will hold stock for electronic call off, reducing your storage space and money tied up in stock.

There will always be cost savings to be made and if you haven’t had a print audit before or not recently, then you should book one immediately. They’re usually free and there’s never any obligation to transfer your business if you don’t want to.

And If you’d like any more information about how your Print can save you money, please give us a call on 0121 430 9000.

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