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Why GDPR has given Direct Mail a new lease of life!

There’s no questioning that the new GDPR legislation is going to affect our email marketing efforts, especially going forwards.

The goal is to be completely GDPR compliant, but how do we carry on reaching out to prospects and new clients when it feels that our hands are tied?

Well, this is where Direct Mail has been given a lease of new life!

The ICO website outlines that:

“You won’t need consent for postal marketing…you can rely on legitimate interests for marketing activities if you can show how you use people’s data is proportionate, has a minimal privacy impact, and people would not be surprised or likely to object.”

This basically means that direct mailings do not require companies to gain explicit consent, they can in fact use the ‘legitimate interest’ clause to contact consumers via post.

Without a doubt, this is the silver lining to the whole GDPR confusion that’s reigned over the last few months.

And anyway - 82% of Direct Mail gets opened – so why wouldn’t you do it?

GDPR has caused the mass deletion of data, and not to mention hindering any future marketing campaigns. Everyone’s been forced to reconsider their strategies, and what better place to start than with a compelling Direct Mail campaign!

A Huge opportunity!

So, following all the GDPR scaremongering, it’s time we all made the best with what we’ve been given.

While it’s perceived to be an old fashioned method of marketing, it’s still one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your future customers!

There are many ways that direct mail can be used to make you stand out from the crowd and elevate you as a real expert at what you do. And one of the added features of a mail shot is using Variable Data Print which personalises your mailshot with personal details that’ll impress even your most stubborn prospects.

We’ve covered Variable Data Print and how it can be successfully used in print marketing to increase sales, click here to read more.

Other ways to impress your customers with Direct Mail:

  • Birthday cards: While this is not direct selling, sending out a personalised birthday card to your existing customers shows that you remember they’re still there and you are appreciative of their support over the years. And if they haven’t recently purchased from you, it acts as a gentle nudge and could get you another sale!

  • Postcards: Postcards can be personalised, they can have some great finishes and are as creative as you make them. The key is to incorporate a design and level of finesse that will make your prospects stop and take in your information. Even if they don’t use it straight away, its not usually encased in an envelope so a postcard is likely to be read straight away and therefore remembered.

  • Promotional products: There’s no doubt that direct mail is successful because it is more tangible and connects with the viewer on a different level. By investing some of your marketing budget on some innovative promotional products and gifts and sending these to your prospects will ensure that you get remembered. Even if it’s as simple as a branded pen, it will still make a lasting impression!

For more information on Direct Mail and how to implement it into your marketing strategy today, please give us a call on 0121 430 9000.

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