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Are you exhibition ready?

The exhibition and trade fair industry is worth an estimated £19.2 billion a year. With 1.3 million business events annually, it is the perfect way to get in front of your target market and showcase your business.

As live events reopen in 2022 a record number of businesses are booking up for events to take advantage of the opportunities that exhibiting brings, but are you expo ready?

We have pulled together a list of top tips to keep you on track when exhibiting.

Get organised

Exhibitions are the perfect way to showcase your brand and also provide additional networking opportunities. If you want to maximise your success though it is important you do your homework beforehand.

Think about what you want to achieve by attending. Then a few months before the event, gather all the information you can such as exhibitor lists, attendee numbers and timelines of activity during the event. Once you have a better understanding of how the event works you will be able to think about how you can achieve your goals.

Top tip: Look at where you can make savings. By buying in bulk or using a supplier which can support on every element of your stand you can often get rewarded with a nice discount. Get organised and know everything you need for the day rather than buying bits and pieces here and there.

Be focused

You don’t want to bombard people with messaging so determine your key aim for exhibiting and then make sure that runs through everything you do.

Are you introducing a new product range or service? Advertising to new customers? Looking to make business connections?

Make sure you have a clear goal and that any material you create works towards that result. If your marketing is focused it is much more likely to get results as your message will be clear.

Top tip: If you only have a small space focus on your top-selling or key products. You can always have a brochure printed to showcase the rest of your range and provide further information.

Stand out from the crowd

Every stand area is a blank canvas so make it as innovative and different as you can. Don’t be afraid to use roller banners or display boards to catch people’s eye.

Your brand needs to be instantly recognisable when people look at your stand and let people know what you are trying to say.

A carefully thought out and fully co-ordinated stand speaks volumes so don’t forget pretty much any part of your stand can be decorated and branded.

Things like vinyl stickers, posters and table skirts mean the possibilities are endless when it comes to design so don’t hold back. This is your time to shine so getting the right display mix is essential.

Top tip - Before you go to your exhibition mock up the stand in the office to see what it will look like. It can be really useful to have a practice run before the event to check you aren’t missing anything and that it all works well together.

Think about your finish

When it comes to exhibitions it can really payoff to be innovative with your print. There are so many different leaflets, flyers and business cards being handed out.

How do you use yours to catch someone’s eye? Think about the finishing and shapes you use. Could you have fold out or cut out shapes instead of basic designs? Could you use pearlescent or foil finishing to add a touch of shine?

Top tip – Think about what you are going to wear on the day. Do you have a uniform? Is it a good idea for everyone to wear branded t-shirts so that you are instantly recognisable? Or could you have branded lanyards created? First impressions are crucial so don’t forget to brand yourself as well as the stand!

Let people know

You can spend so long getting ready for the exhibition you forget to take the time to invite people to join you. Make sure that you let people know you will be at the exhibition and to come and find you on the day.

Take photos and share updates on your social media, in email newsletters and online. It can be a great way of spreading your message further than just the exhibition attendees.

If the exhibition is advertising on social media they might even repost about your business as well. By drumming up interest in your products and business before the event it helps to make sure that you will get the most out of the day as well. It also keeps existing clients and prospective customers informed.

Top tip – Don’t forget about your marketing merchandise! Having something to give out on the day is crucial in making sure people remember you. Think about branded merchandise that customers will want. If you are looking for ideas our post ‘It is all about convenience’ is full of hints and tips.

Whatever you decide to do the most important thing is that you show up and spread the word. Exhibitions are a great way of getting in front of like-minded individuals and after all the cancelled face to face networking and events the last few years 2022 is definitely set to be a busy year for exhibitions.

If you are looking for help with getting your stand organised you can take advantage of our handy exhibition package which provides all the products you need to get your stand noticed.

Is your exhibition based in Birmingham? We can even deliver your products straight to your venue to save you the hassle of trying to transport everything on the day and store it till you need it next time.


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