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Embroidery Vs. Print: Which is the best option for your workwear?

We understand that when you are looking to source your branded workwear or garments, deciding between embroidery and print can be difficult.

In this blog, we discuss both methods to help you determine which is the best option for your needs.

Embroidered Workwear

This method involves the stitching of threads directly into the fabric of the garment.

This method requires a high quality and thicker garment, making it ideal for adding logos to fleeces, polos, jumpers and business shirts.

It is a great option for these more ‘prestigious’ pieces of clothing, as it looks professional and can help to give the item a more solid and quality look and feel.

Embroidery is more durable than traditional printing, making it perfect for garments that are designed to be long lasting.

Finally, embroidery may not be suitable for all designs, particularly larger designs. So in this case, printing may be the better option if you are looking to add a large design to your garments.

Printed Workwear

Also referred to as screen printing, this method involves pressing inks directly onto the garments through mesh screens.

With this method, you may want to consider a more simple design. This is because a new mesh screen is required for each colour you would like added, so if you have a design or logo with multiple colours, you may want to consider embroidery as an alternative.

But if you have a very detailed or hand-drawn design, these are better suited to printing as they can often be too complex for embroidery machines to execute the design to the standard you require.

Finally, the type of garment you would like your logo added to can also affect which method is the most suitable.

Printing is ideal for more lightweight garments such as t-shirts, as embroidery is often just too heavy for these types of garments and can result in puckering.

It is clear that both methods have their pros and cons, but ultimately it is entirely dependent on the type of garment, your design and the quantity you would like to order that will dictate which method is the most suitable for you.

If you are looking to order branded workwear or garments, we can work with you to pick the best method based on your needs and create pieces that are of the highest standards and quality and that meet your needs.


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