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Maximising your branded merchandise budget

With exhibition season getting underway it can be all too easy to reach for the usual branded pens and leaflets as you head out to events. Although these are a good staple product there are lots more options available which can have a greater impact for your target audience.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association states that 75% of people buy after receiving branded merchandise. Picking the right product that your customers will want to share and use will help to make your budget go a lot further, helping businesses to remember you for all the right reasons.

We take a look at how companies can avoid costly mishaps by making the most out of their branded merchandise budget.

Try before you buy

Don’t rush out and brand up the first item you see. This product will be an extension of your brand, so it is important that it reflects your values and gives the right impression. Think carefully about the type of products you chose and don’t be afraid to ask for samples on any products you’re interested in. It's too late when your brand is printed or engraved on there, so take your time to review different samples and get in different quotes. Look at an items quality, values and style.

Is it something that your target audience will actually use?

Try to give away branded items that your customers will actually use. If it’s something they want or need, such as drinkware, headphones or a powerpack, then they’re more likely to keep it and more likely to think positively about your company. Think about your target audience and what would be useful to them. A thoughtful gift will go a long way, it shows you know your audience and understand their pain points. That you care.

This can change from business to business so think carefully about your audience and what they would like. There is no point branding up items that don’t resonate or reflect your brand. In fact, it can actually be more damaging and even cause a costly PR disaster, for example, if a sustainable brand is seen giving away plastic single use pens!

Call to action

Put more than just your name or logo on items. Think how you want someone to get in touch with you. It is all very good branding up lots of items to get your name out there but if it isn’t clear what your business does or you don’t provide a way to get more information it will all be for nothing. Your website address could be a simple addition as it will send people somewhere to find out all about you. Or for more immediate responses, add your phone number or email address. Consider how your customers contact you the most and make it work for them.

Consider bulk buying

If you do your homework properly and you find a product that can be used time and again then bulk buying can be the best way to get the most out of your budget. The price is in set up, so definitely plan ahead and optimise your costs. LG Davis can store items till you need them if you are worried about having left over stock.

Branded merchandise is a powerful tool in getting your message out to your target audience but like with any marketing it is all about getting the right product and doing your homework. Don’t rush to buy something, doing your research can pay dividends in the long run and create a product which truly reflects your brand, delivers on return on investment and ultimately makes you stand out.

If you would like any help in choosing the right product for your next campaign the team at LG Davis would love to help. Contact the team on 0121 430 9000 for more information.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks to get your office running smoothly then download our free eBook “60 Top Tips For Office, Branding and Print”.

Created to celebrate our 60th anniversary it is full of lots of useful information for everything from stationery, branded merchandise and workwear, to online ordering, print and office furniture.

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