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Predicting print trends for 2023

We are excited to share that Managing Director Liz Smith is one of several experts unveiling their New Year predictions for the print industry as she features in the UK’s leading print publication.

Chosen for the 2023 predictions feature in Print Week Liz has been looking back at LG Davis’ successes in 2022 as well as exploring the industry’s next steps.

As the most widely read printing industry title in the UK, Print Week is read by thousands of print industry professionals and seen as the go to resource for advice and guidance on the industry.

As one of only a minority of female leaders in a predominantly male focused industry Liz was asked to share her insights.

From opportunities to strengthen print within the marketing mix to building on the next generation of workers Liz looks at her experiences and how the company continues to offer more.

Print is a powerful marketing tool and I think that printers need to take the opportunity to demonstrate that print is not only sustainable but also one of the most effective tools in a business’ marketing strategy.

Statistics show only around 30% of print workers are female with even less in managerial and senior roles. Championing more females in the industry Liz is now hopeful 2023 will see more women join the sector.

Talking about her hopes for this year the article looks at the support available to grow the next generation of workers.

Print is an important part of the marketing mix and I hope we can continue to cement our position as market leaders in the area. Our team have been such a huge part of our success and I hope we can continue to support the next generation of print workers as we continue to grow and develop the business.

A unique opportunity to share her expertise and showcase her predictions for the year Liz’s feature is part of a series of expert Q&As with leading professionals in the industry.

Find out how the Birmingham printers are making waves in the industry and how their innovative approach is setting them on course for another record year.

Liz was only a baby when her father Ron O’Donnell started the company in 1962. Growing up in the industry she has seen a lot of changes over the years and is proud to now be seen as a leading woman in such a male dominated industry.

Read more about Liz’s predictions for the coming year in Print Week


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