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How print can help you make an impact in a socially distanced world?

Print is a powerful tool that can help you continue making an impact on your clients and prospects, despite no longer being able to meet with them in person.

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the way in which face to face meetings and business events will take place for the foreseeable future, many businesses have been keeping the ball rolling by taking these online.

This is something we see becoming a more permanent fixture as we emerge from the virus.

Although this new way of working has offered a number of benefits to businesses, it can sometimes make it more difficult to make your desired impact.

This is where print can be utilised as a valuable marketing and branding tool to support you and your online events and meetings.

Put simply, online meetings and events lack that more personable element that meeting face to face provides.

As we all know, first impressions are key in business and the way you speak and your body language can all impact this.

Although this can still be seen through video conferencing and other online avenues, there’s just something about meeting in person that can help you to form deeper connections with individuals, which prove very beneficial when doing business with someone.

With this being taken away for the time being, we all need to be thinking innovatively about how we can continue to make an impact in a socially distanced world.

As experts in print, we can work with you to help you achieve this and make the best first impression possible.

We offer a variety of printing options that can really help you stand out.

For example, we can work with you to create and send out personalised printed literature to the prospects you have been speaking to directly, either to their workplace or home, providing them with additional information and keeping you at the forefront of their minds.

Or if you regularly attended networking events and expos where you previously would have handed out printed literature, such as brochures or product catalogues, we can still help you to do this safely.

We can work with you to create information packs which can be sent out to all delegates before the virtual event, so they have everything they need to refer to during the event/presentation and so you can to provide them further information and resources that will help to reinforce your brand.

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which print can help you continue making an impact and how we can help you.

If you would like to discuss any of your ideas or needs with us as you prepare to return to work and get the ball rolling again with engaging your prospects and clients, we would be more than happy to have a more detailed conversation with you.

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