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Why paper isn’t always the material of choice when it comes to printing?

When you talk about printing you can be forgiven for immediately thinking of paper products; leaflets, brochures, letters, business cards, invites and magazines. Printing presses having been working with paper for hundreds of years.

However, as technology has progressed innovative new mediums have been introduced which take printing to the next level. Stronger, more durable, and easy to use metal, glass and even food are being used in the modern printing world with some interesting results.

Used in everything from branded merchandise to commercial signage, we look at some of the innovative ways non paper-based materials are being used in the print industry.


Wooden plaques and book covers are a great way to add something unique and personal to your printing.

Intricate designs can be transferred seamlessly to create wooden signs and plaques which are more durable than card and offer a full colour, vibrant finish.


Everything from glass boards to candles, mugs and glassware can be personalised with printed designs.

Add a splash of colour or brand up promotional materials. The durable material also provides a sustainable alternative to single use plastic items such as cups or jars.

There are lots of ways to print on glass, but digital printing is often the preferred option as it can reproduce full-colour, seamless full-wrap graphics or photos and can handle anything from one-off items to long run productions.

Screen printing is an alternative but is usually used for printing only 1 or 2 colour designs so isn’t as flexible as digital printing.


Printed correctly metal can be used to create weatherproof, UV and scratch resistant designs that are durable and impactful.

Infusing intricate designs onto coated aluminium, the dye-sublimation process creates a high print quality for everything from signage to long lasting photo prints.


Perfect for updating workwear or creating promotional banners, textiles can easily be printed on with a variety of different methods. From one off t-shirts using screen prints to digital printing which can quickly and efficiently transfer complex logos and imagery on multiple items.

Create walking advertising boards with updated staff uniforms or produce event banners and branded signage.


Durable, easy to transfer and weatherproof plastic is a good all-round material for many different projects. Printing directly to large plastic wrap it can be used for anything from vehicle signage to window displays and even floor signs.

Smaller wraps can be created for promotional materials or used on product packaging. Reproducing full colour designs effortlessly it also allows for anything from one-off print runs to mass production.

Even cakes!

Edible inks can even be transferred on to sugar icing to create personalised cakes for events or unique business cards. With the rise in edible food printing expect to see more companies using print to personalise food.

Whatever your next printing project think about how the materials you use could update or boost your project.

With so many different types of materials available there are lots of ways to create unique and stand out printed products.

Looking for ideas? LG Davis would love to help. Our team are keen problem solvers and with a wealth of experience can offer you advice about how you can update and refresh your projects.

Don’t think it is possible to print in a particular way or on a certain material? Ask our sales team and we will be happy to find a solution.

Contact us today on 0121 430 9000


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