Traditional Print V's Digital Marketing

With fast evolving digital marketing techniques and the growth of online marketing it’s easy to forget about the importance of traditional marketing in your business. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it’s absolutely crucial to utilise traditional print in a marketing world dominated by digital. Why? Because you’ll stand out from the crowd! It appears to be losing its popularity, but traditional marketing has a history of high success rates and reaches the customer in ways that digital marketing cannot. A well thought out piece of print that lands on your prospects desk is far more effective than relying on them finding you on a digital platform. Exceptional marketers combine traditiona

Too much Stuff?

I'm sure that by now you're pretty clued up on all the latest stationery gadgets money can buy and know the 'Top 101 Different ways of kitting out your office ready for the New Year' like the back of your hand… …And don't get me wrong, I appreciate that super sweet scent that radiates off a freshly opened diary as much as the next guy BUT has anyone thought about what to do with all the old stuff that you haven't quite got around to sorting out yet? I can bet that by now your office is feeling a little less 2018 and a little more me! If this is the case, then I'm afraid that your office is officially suffering from a severe case of STUFF overhaul. You know, just STUFF. New STUFF, o

Do Your Customers Remember You?

Your logo expresses your businesses visual identity, it’s how consumers remember your brand. How's your logo looking? Getting YOUR customers to remember YOUR brand starts with a logo design that is creative, simple and memorable. A well designed, exclusive logo that distinguishes you from market competitors is likely to grab the attention of prospect buyers. But is it really that important? It sure is! Your company logo provides a foundation for design throughout your branding and marketing material. This consistency creates familiarity amongst consumers and helps them feel at ease purchasing from you. You could put your logo anywhere across your online platforms and branding material, but t

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